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Year-old daughter of singer Danko stopped growing

On being the daughter of a famous by Danko is working literally a staff of healers. However baby, which these days will be a year, has not changed since December.

Younger daughter of the artist Danko (real name Alexander Fadeev and his civil wife Natalia Ustinenko agate will be a year on April 19. The girl was born with cerebral palsy. According to the contractor, the doctors clinic has had his wife medical services as expected. As a result, the baby showed severe problems with health. And then the medical staff at the clinic put up a family account of 100 thousand rubles - as though for those services. Lawyers for the artist began to collect documents.

At the moment, however, revealed new details. "The hospital has withdrawn a lawsuit they have no complaints to us. The condition of Agatha did not change from December of last year, when Agatha started to suckle. That's it. Over the health of our baby employs a staff of healers. But for the person by Agatha did not know how to do: roll over, or flashing eyes", - quotes wife Natalia Danko Starhit.

The birthday girl will celebrate the close family circle. Natalia has ordered a cake for agates. Remember, the civil wife Natalia Danko, Ustymenko was heavily pregnancy, emergency started bleeding and having contractions. However she had a long time to wait for an ambulance, and Alexander was his way home in traffic jams. "I was driving and crying, because I realized - I'm not moving, and standing. At home in the blood was the entire floor, the crumpled sheets bloody. I started to get out, then went to the clinic. Came the doctor, first he told me: "Natasha we saved a life". I had black eyes, a semiconscious state. About the baby briefly stated: well, actually alive", - stated Alexander on the show of Andrey Malakhov "Let them talk". According to the artist, his wife lost more than 4 l of blood and was on the verge of life and death.

Then it was discovered that a newborn baby is terminally ill. The artist said: "In Solntsevo the hospital my daughter had MRI, us Natasha was seated on the sofa in his office and said that Agatha multicasts brain. When he gets in the placenta, she began to breathe in utero, and dead, not got its supplies of oxygen to parts of the brain are transformed into cysts. I said, "It will be like a vegetable?" Alexander confessed that he and Natalia immediately offered to abandon the baby. They were told that pipsqueak hopeless that she can neither talk nor walk, not to be the complete person and to be self-absorbed, won't even be able to recognize their parents.

But the couple failed to disown the baby. Little Agatha has managed to please parents own luck: she looks out for the items and holds his head. "Our diagnosis is the victory" - with a smile said Natalia. The couple grows older daughter Sonia. She is currently 11 years old.

Source: Year-old daughter of singer Danko stopped growing

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Year-old daughter of singer Danko stopped growing -  Знаменитости Year-old daughter of singer Danko stopped growing шоу бизнес последние эротические фотографии  эротика лучшие
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