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Ivan Urgant secretly married

The famous TV presenter Ivan Urgant and his girlfriend Natalia Kiknadze secretly vows before God. About graceful ceremony held in early may of this year, the wordsmiths said the grandmother showman Nina.

As inform mass-media, Ivan and Natalia legalized relationship after 8 years of living together. The lovers have a daughter Nina, the couple also heiress Kiknadze from his first marriage to businessman Vakhtang Kutelia Eric. Own Union couple to officially seal was not in a hurry. But sorrow came to the family this winter (the showman's mother died), changed the attitude of the presenter to the institution of marriage.

"Vanya is an extremely religious man, said "Express-Gazeta", a famous actress and grandma Nina Urgant. When he arrives in St. Petersburg, he immediately goes to St. Nicholas Cathedral. There he has his own Confessor. Grandson often consults with him, participating in Church sacraments - confession and received the Holy communion. We experienced a terrible tragedy in early February: departed mother of Vanya. He is greatly grieved. And missus Natasha became his true consolation. In early may at the insistence of the priest, they decided not only to marry, but to perform the rite of marriage.

In preparing this special day Ivan came with great responsibility. "It was a very beautiful ceremony. I'm currently not feeling well and almost never go anywhere, but to miss this event could not. Gathered in the Church only the native people - the guys didn't want to know strangers. I am very happy that they found each other and he eventually put on his wedding ring. That's happiness for me to look at their close-knit family," confessed the grandmother of Ivan.

Next, Nina Urgant shared with reporters next good news. "Only now grandson called and said that Eric was enrolled in an elite school in London! - happy actress. - Ninotchka our September 1 1st grade will go. Guys I visit often, help. God bless that little longer to look at them and be happy".

Remember, marriage with Natalia Kiknadze for Urgant became the second. First time he married in 18 years of studying Petersburg "Bag" Karina, but quickly divorced spouses. Karina was married to a respectable German entrepreneur and moved to Germany, and Ivan embarked on a career. In 1999 he became a DJ at one of St. Petersburg's radio stations, where he met an attractive mulatto Dina Di (one time she was a fashion television show, "50x50"). The boys have held together a large amount of time and even declared themselves a couple, but marriage is not reached.

Then Ivan moved to Moscow and got on MTV, where twisted office romance with TV presenter Tatyana Gevorkyan. With her he lived for almost 5 years. And one day, while visiting his native St. Petersburg, Ivan accidentally met his own high school sweetheart Natasha Kiknadze. At dinner, old friends got to talking about family life and realized that before this meeting sought happiness decidedly not where you want.

Source: Ivan Urgant secretly married

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