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My sister showed last photo of Zhanna Friske

The media got one of the last photos of Zhanna Friske. Sister star Natalia has published in his own microblog family shot of the singer, which was made during her rehabilitation in Latvia.

Photos appeared last weekend in a gated Instagram Natalia Friske, which, in addition to loved ones, can access the official fan club of Joan, who published in open access this original picture, reports the web site of "Komsomolskaya Pravda". It captures a moment, how happy and contented life Jeanne, which at that time was on the mend after his healing in US, walks with his son Plato, mother Olga Vladimirovna and her sister Natalie on the beach.

The disease has changed the appearance of the actress, but in this photo it can be easily recognized by signature smile. Apparently, the picture was taken in Latvia, where Friske lived a few months, on his return from America. Jeanne, her fiance Dmitry Shepelev and family lived in a rented house in Jurmala. During this period, they baptized the son of star Plato in Riga.

Remember, those who died from brain cancer the singer was buried on 18 June in Moscow on Nikolo-Arkhangelsk a cemetery, which is located near her house. The body of Joan buried surrounded by family, stars of show business, reporters, and countless admirers. Conduct Friske final journey brought together hundreds of loving her on this planet. The queue of mourners could not see the end as at the state funeral in "Crocus city Hall".

For saying good-established a specialized tent, where the family of stars - father Vladimir Borisovich, mother Olga, sister Natalia and Dmitry Shepelev. During the funeral on the TV presenter literally had no face. The baby's father Friske hid his eyes behind dark glasses, so as not to show people own sadness, but even they could not hide the fact that he's heartbroken. At the cemetery Shepelev was sitting at the tomb of his beloved and did not leave him even for a second.

As we were informed Days.<url>, Zhanna Friske died in the 41st year of life. The actress battled with cancer she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Native revealed that she doesn't show any signs of life, on the evening of 15 June. Information about her death appeared in the press of the night. Almost immediately after the tragic news condolences to the family Friske showed many stars of the national stage. They noted that the untimely departure of the actress have been a massive loss. Many openly admitted that extremely adored Joan, and burst into tears upon learning of her passing.

Fans have until recently assumed that Friske will be able to overcome the disease, despite a disappointing forecasts healers. But close saw that her condition will only get worse. Health workers were not in vain to reassure the family of the actress and recommended in the foreseeable future not to leave home, and spend more time with Jeanne. According to the father, the last time she was in a coma.

Source: My sister showed last photo of Zhanna Friske

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