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My father told me about the death of Kate Hudson

The biological father of Hollywood actress Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver bill Hudson gave a shocking interview, which caused a large amount of noise abroad. The representative of the stronger sex has announced that his children died.

On such a contentious approval of bill Hudson provoked Kate and Oliver, which he gave birth to actress Goldie hawn. When the whole world celebrated the international day of the father, they published in Instagram hurtful to your biological father the news.

Many stars in this holiday advertise baby photo with their own dads and words of love and gratitude. But brother Keith Oliver poured out on his own parents, who had abandoned them at an early age, all resentment and bitterness. He shared with subscribers of the image, which poses together with her little sister and bill. "Good day, child abandonment!" ironically signed photo Oliver, reproached that his own father that left the family.

Then brother Kate was placed in the microblogging own portrait with his stepfather Kurt Russell, who were engaged in education of children of divorced Goldie hawn, with love and congratulated him, delicately called father. The actress also posted to Instagram a selfie with Kurt. Directly Kate and Oliver consider it a real dad.

After such news children bill Hudson a few days were silent, but it seems that reporters brought his own calls. The representative of the stronger sex is quite emotionally spoke of the deed of Kate and Oliver in his interview with the Daily Mail and permanently abandoned them.

"They died for me. I want to tell them just what let them go. I have five children, but my father only three. I waive Oliver and Kate and don't want to count their own children. Ask them not to use the name Hudson. From this moment they are not considered a part of my life. The news of Oliver in Instagram was a vicious, vicious, written on purpose in order to hurt me. Now he and Kate died for me. I grieve for him, though as before they walk the earth" - lamenting heartbroken father.

It is worth noting that earlier bill complained to reporters on Goldie hawn. He said that the former spouse sets children against him. And it started exactly from the moment when the actress came into the relationship with Kurt Russell. Directly he became Oliver's role model. Brother Kate does not skimp on positive words for Kurt that offends bill. "Before you came into my life, I was a kid knowing nothing about the world boy. You made a man out of me, helped me to gain confidence, independence and fearlessness. I aspire to be like you, and will strive constantly", - with tenderness reports about Russell Oliver.

Recall, bill Hudson and Goldie hawn were married in 1976. When the couple walked down the aisle, she was already pregnant with a son. Kate was born on 19 April 1979. In 1983, the couple divorced. 2 years later in the life of Goldie emerged Kurt Russell. In 1986 hawn gave birth from his own spouse 2 son Wyatt. Bill Hudson after the actress had another 2 of marriage, which also ended in divorce. Except Kate and Oliver have him he has 3 children - Emily, Zachary and Lalania Hudson.

Source: My father told me about the death of Kate Hudson

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