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Husband harasses a pregnant Klimov scandals

As they say in the village, home to artists Ekaterina Klimova and Gela Meskhi, their relationship is exactly only 1 glance. They say young husband often satisfied with a pregnant wife scandals of nowhere.

Ekaterina Klimova is already in her sixth month of pregnancy, but injected. At 06:00 artist leaves the cottage of the village of Pavlovo and returned close to midnight.

Her colleagues are surprised by such workaholism. "Kate's a complete workaholic, but in this situation without plowing weekend most of despair. Now filming process is difficult: we are looking for the angle that the frame was not noticeable belly, perenimaem several times. She thinks that after a month on the work will have to forget, and when you come back - too clear. So now trying to get the maximum: because rented house, children, mother... of Course, at the moment near Gela, but any fool can see that his income is lower Katya. And what man will undertake to feed other people's children?! Here Kate and preserved," explained one of the managers of the film "the Guardian" Alexey Trofimov.

While Klimov works, after the house and kids watches her mother Svetlana. In the village the family know. "Klimov in our village appeared last summer - just after her divorce from Petrenko. It's quiet, high fence, behind which the street is only seven homes in the neighborhood, protection around. But I know her ever since, as it is with Igor rented a cottage for 120 thousand 1 architect in the village nearby. Told as if Klimova and Petrenko already swore terribly. First, Igor was not satisfied that she gave birth to sons, and the name it's not wanted. Grumbled that the house needs a woman's touch, comfort - say, a spouse only about work and thinking. Then Petrenko became a drink and then get let down by the collar, give her claim to pronounce. Here and divorced," said neighbor Catherine.

However, with a new actress spouse is not lucky. "now she's living with this Gela. I don't know, maybe he's young and good, but together they are absolutely not look. He is rude, arrogant, freaking out about the and without, and can mate to swear clicking on it. And Katerina, the sophisticated lady, the mother of many children after all. I think if it weren't for her pregnancy, they Meskhi - and surname-it is strange - would have long fled!" quoted neighbor Klimova Igor Borisovich "Express newspaper".

According to him, the actress bad financial condition. "The good point is after all her life she had Lisa and Matthew from our Pavlovskaya gymnasium to pick up. This is an extremely tough school in which the school year with one baby about a half million worth. Apparently, now she has no such funds. The more Roots in the first class will go, and the baby appears. Heard that they and the house are looking for cheaper. So you just drove to autumn Klimova here may not be", - concluded the man.

Source: Husband harasses a pregnant Klimov scandals

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