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Summer. Oh,summer! Alla Pugachyova is coming!

Alla Pugacheva`s farewell tour proceeds. It-s difficult to name it a farewell tour despite the prima donna-s words.

We name it better - triumphal. Alla Pugacheva`s tours pass with tremendous success with overflowed halls. Despite the intense schedule, the singer is in fine form and easily changes time and geographical zones. It is enough to look at these flashing cities and countries.

April. Russia - Moscow (three concerts in the Kremlin palace); Ukraine - Kiev, Donetsk, Odessa.

May. Belarus - Minsk. Latvia - Riga.

June. Russia - St.-Petersburg (two concerts). Azerbaijan - Baku.

And, at last, the USA! The singer will not stay long in Russia. Therea are a lot of admirers, big plans. Alla Pugacheva`s tours are organized by the famous impresario Victor Schulman, as well as for the first time, twenty years ago.

Yes, Victor Schulman has opened America to the prima donna in 1988. Then three months prior to a concert in Karnegiholle, the most prestigious concert hall of the USA, all
tickets were sold.

- The same situation we see at the moment as well, - Schulman tells, - people love Pugacheva and do not miss possibility to listen to her "alive". Tickets cost less, than in Russia. For example, the most expensive ticket for a concert in New York will amount to 300 dollars, the cheapest - 50.

The same scenery and light effects which had been used on concerts in the State Kremlin palace were brought to America.

Was difficult to make it? Certainly. Very. But our Americans will see show in its all beauty. It is a concert which will heat soul not one day...


- Your glory, power, authority are absolute and conclusive. Did you dream at the beginning of your way about something similar?

- I could not dream about what had happened! I represented something to myself, but not of such swing. And when it came to me, each next day it seemed - tomorrow it would come to an end, tomorrow it would come to an end... I didn-t manage to star.

- Has this feeling - " tomorrow it would come to an end " - never left you?

- No. Therefore I always performed during solo concerts like for the last time. And, this might be the reason for why spectators received all me - to a droplet. However, in due course I began feel worse after these words. I tell: " like for the last time " - and immediately feel: a tragedy has begun! A-a-a! (Laughs.) I changed the phrase with the years. Now I say: "As for the first time!"

- Destiny of those who reigns, - loneliness.

- Certainly.

Is it a condition of power or payment for it?

- Neither one thing, nor another. It is a necessary attribute. It is referred to internal
loneliness. I mean the feeling that all the same nobody knows us up to the end, understands us. We always do more for others, than they do for you. I speak about internal loneliness and public loneliness. Yes, it is attributes.

- In one old interview you told: "Talent is eternal fire which cannot be extinguished..."

- Did I tell that? Not bad. Yes, it is possible to knock down, humiliate, not to give money for disclosing of possibilities. But it is impossible to destroy talent, if only together with the person. One should keep his way. One may beg, but not shoot bad films and not sing bad songs.

- In 70 - 80 you have won public with songs-confessions which comprised surprising texts and melodies. "I has come and speak","Do not renounce loving","This disturbing
way "... But your repertoire gradually changed in another way - and there appeared parody songs " Real colonel" and "Madam Broshkina"...

- Well it is a pleasure - to sing such songs. If one can do this.

- Yes, they are ridiculous and exact. But nevertheless why it has occurred? What has changed? Time? You?

- I do not know... But something has changed. Because, as the woman who sings, I have felt today people don-t need drama, tragedy. Also I have told myself: let-s act a little bit more ridiculous, something that leads to gossips. I began sing and also live easier. I let birds into the studio, as into the air. Let songs-birdies fly!

Source: Summer. Oh,summer! Alla Pugachyova is coming!

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