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Kudikova took Pugacheva her stuff

New information has turned contentious details of a showdown between the prima Donna of the Russian stage and her partner Iron Kudikova. It turns out that assistants Pugacheva was not even allowed in the room where they were furniture and other belongings of the singer.

After contentious proceedings between Alla Pugacheva and her former business partner of Iran Kudikova for the singer left the room on Novy Arbat, and Iran went 2nd school in the business centre of the Italian quarter. The interior and there, and there was created a friend Divas Mila Stavitsky. The artist revealed new details of the recent showdown between friends.

"Unfortunately, we were not able to pick up things that Alla Borisovna was acquired for a 2nd school: furniture, musical instruments. Our followers were not allowed inside, when they got there. Again had to buy the whole situation. The concept I developed for two or three days, and workers toiled from morning till night, in order to have time during the week and open on time," Stavytsky was quoted Starп?it. She performed bynew design Studio in "Lotte Plaza" on Novy Arbat, but to do the repair had "in the field".

Now Kudikova is not related to the newness of the school, which was called the "Workshop of variety art of Alla Pugacheva". "We would be extremely wanted to peacefully resolve this situation. The Tribunal had to go, for the following reasons all the terms on the loan violated. This is a formality. I think the process will spur them to return to duty. By the end of September expect to resolve everything. Iron own things with New Arbat took, her no opposition. But Alla Borisovna actually not given much. Nothing to worry about. She probably has some kind of a crisis. The spouse's debts. She doesn't know what to do. Young again, lost..." - said the lawyer Marina Pugacheva Murashova.

At the same time, it appears that pupils have benefited from recent changes. "With Iran was hard. Daughter complained that it is impossible to approach and ask the question - she always not up to it. Seriously, Irson few people took. Besides us, the parents, from time to time unpleasant to communicate with her, overly arrogant. With her gone, everything became much easier," - said the mother of one of the students at the school.

Kudikova also plans to open in the "Italian quarter" school of music. While there's only kindergarten. But will the economic position to expand the business, question. It turns out at the premises of the kindergarten Kudikova debt already hanging on a rent - more than 5 million rubles. The rent for the creative Studio at the New Arbat also were not paid for a long time, but Pugachev has already repaid all of the debt.

It is curious that in schools children parents became legendary many times less. Heirs Djigan, Vitaly Gogunsky and other performers no longer attended classes. It turns out that Iran did them a huge discount on training - like friendship. Diva, according to the newspaper, he sees no difference between star siblings and children from ordinary families.

Remember, a solid incident between Alla Pugacheva and her business partner at the children's school of creative development Future Star of Iron Kudikova happened at the end of 2014. According to sources from the inner circle, Kudikova not just take Alla Borisovna in debt large sums on business development, but the outcome of its work, the Diva is often not observed. With all of this in interviews, both recorded only advantages of business cooperation.

Source: Kudikova took Pugacheva her stuff

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