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"It-s my self-reliance and frankness that helped me" - Miss Russia

to RT and shared her secrets to winning the beauty contest. She also talked about difficulties of bearing the title and her childhood dreams.

RT: Hello, Sofia. Thank you very much for being with us today.

Sofia Rudyeva: Thank you for inviting me. I-m happy to be here and talk to you.

RT: How does it feel to be the most beautiful girl in the country where every second girl is a beauty?

SR: You know, this is a very important title, a very big achievement. I-m incredibly happy to bear this crown. I can only agree that Russia is a multinational country, and there are many beautiful women here. Fifty of the country-s most beautiful girls were at the beauty pageant which I took part in. Each one was No.1 in her region. And I got the title. I-m as happy as can be, this is a gift of fate, which I have to live up to through the best intentions and actions.

RT: Is there anything negative about this situation?

SR: I wouldn-t say it is very difficult. But I-m getting used to it. Every step I take is tracked by the media, it-s always in the public eye. I have to act decently and be immaculate in any situation.

RT: Do you like all the attention you get?

SR: I can-t say it-s the end of my dreams. Living in front of the camera is not something I wanted for myself. But this is just this period of my life. It makes me stronger. And I-m grateful for every moment of it.

RT: I think you life must be one long compliment. Don-t you ever get tired of the constant talk about your looks?

SR: No, I don-t, because this title is a responsibility to always look good. And it-s my title which attracts people, they judge me by my outer appearance. I-m happy to let them do it, but I think beauty is only one of the components of my personality. And it-s always out for show.

RT: That-s just what I wanted to ask you. Was it always your dream to become a beauty queen? Is this all you ever dreamed of, or is there something else?

SR: No. Actually, my parents wanted a different life for me. They were painters, and I grew up learning to become a painter.

I spent my childhood studying at an arts school. I did that for 10 years. I went to theatre studio. I wanted something different. But then I grew up, I became more confident in my appearance. Before, you couldn-t make me put a skirt on.

RT: Did you feel inferior about your looks?

SR: It-s not as much as that I felt inferior. I rather just did not need that. I did not like it when girls would dress themselves like dolls.

Then I grew up and joined a modelling agency, after which all changed greatly - you know how children can change when they are growing.

RT: Was there any particularly decisive moment when you realised you really wanted to become a model? Or was it a gradual process?

SR: My maximalism started when I turned 15 and joined a modelling agency. I believe every girl need something like this since it helps develop very strong traits of character indispensable for every woman. Unless I did that, I could have probably been absolutely different, perhaps like a boy.

RT: Since you became Miss Russia, what changes have you gone through in your life, and inside you in particular?

SR: The changes are obvious. First it was sort of hard to get accustomed to all that. I had to apply efforts to do everything in a beautiful way, whatever I had to say or do.

Now I have plenty of very interesting work, many different projects - in charity, activity, fashion, many photography sessions. All that is so exciting, not just when you keep mum being a model - just a pretty picture. Being a Miss Russia means an integral image. You have to beautiful both externally and inside. All the people try to discern beauty in you.

RT: What hardships did you have to go through for this Miss Russia competition?

SR: During the competition we were living there for a month, doing a lot of self-improvement work - with physical training six hours a day, aerobics, fitness and stuff. It was also very hard morally - you had to be democratic in your attitude, so as to avoid hurting anyone - many among the 50 contenders had had the experience of being crowned before.

Source: "It-s my self-reliance and frankness that helped me" - Miss Russia

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