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Limp Bizkit wants to live in Crimea

Favorite American rock band Limp Bizkit's Fred durst has applied to the administration of the Crimea, promised to help in the development of the region in the case of national citizenship. It will get involved in the Federation of American stars, as well as to rent on the Peninsula of films and TV series.

After the authorities of the Crimea began to world stars expressing a desire to obtain Russian citizenship, with an offer to visit the Peninsula and help to organize similar to the American Beverly hills, many thought about this possibility. Favorite American rock band Limp Bizkit's Fred durst wrote to the authorities of the Crimea a message in which he agreed to actively participate in the marketing campaign of the region in case of receiving Russian passports.

"I can't completely turn away from American citizenship, since my son lives in Los Angeles, and I will need to spend an equal amount of time in the Crimea and the USA" - quotes the rock by "Izvestia". He promised to attract to the Russian Federation more Americans who would have liked to work here.

"I can help Americans to understand how great Russia is. I will create films, TV series, music, new brands in the Crimea, but I need to have 2 passport - this is important. I think the difficulty with it," said Fred durst.

"With the support of the government, my work in Crimea could lead to excellent results. I will make a successful film and TV series in the Crimea, these TV products will become known around the world and will take the Russian Federation at a fairly high level in this business. I'd like to help Crimea to organize a big festival and create the Studio that filmed the movie, which will have the triumph in Russia and around the world. These brands will bring to the Crimea the Russian Federation and the incredible attention of the world community. I want to be the first American who really is satisfied in the Russian Federation", - said the favorite Limp Bizkit.

"I really want to be part of a future of Crimea and Russia. And at the moment it's time to build this world. At the moment, the time to build a great and successful future. Naturally, it will take not 1 year, but I know that they can become the moving force that will help this project be realized. I want to be the person who will arrange it," he added.

Recall, head of Crimea Sergey Aksenov wrote open letter to the followers of the world of show business and sports, inviting them to Crimea to rest or permanent residence. The head of the Yalta administration Andrey Filonov stated that world stars will be able to get the land on the Peninsula free of charge or with a big discount, if you will actively participate in the marketing promotion of the region.

Source: Limp Bizkit wants to live in Crimea

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