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Shepelev does not have access to the account Friske

Common-law spouse of the deceased artist announced that he has no access to the account of Joan which are 20 million rubles. Dmitry Shepelev stressed that finances Friske family.

Russian help Fund "Rusfond", which was embroiled in the scandal the result of cash collected for treatment Janna Friske, explained where currently are 25 million rubles, which were disappeared. In the organization has solved the mystery of the missing million, stressing that the Fund has transferred money to Bank accounts of Joan, which after her death to dispose of Dmitry Shepelev, parents and stars.

In the organization stressed that before the death of the actress in the Fund have been reports of embezzlement and on fresh information from collected cash left 20 million roubles. However as the funds expended after July 15 is not known. Vladimir Friske said repeatedly that money is being managed Shepelev, but the TV host denied from cash deceased beloved.

"The only thing I can say about this situation that I do not have access to means of Joan, - quotes Dmitry the website "Komsomolskaya Pravda" web-site. - This question should go to the family of Joan. I can't speak for them. As I understand it, under the agreement all the funds that remained after treatment of Joan, must be returned to the "Rusfond". I don't have access to those accounts, because this account of Joan and at present commanded by her family. My fundamental position: if cash is preserved, they need to give back to those who need them. Add other can't."

In addition Shepelev commented on the statement "Rusfond" that he is considered the successor of Joan of bills on which money is saved. "Don't be confused, those who could take advantage cash with those who is the successor. Plato is the heir, but he may not spend these funds, at least since he was 2.5 years. I strongly object to these funds were spent on anything besides charitable work", - expressed his point of view, the TV presenter.

Shepelev explained that when Jeanne was in good health, he passed on time reporting to the organization that collected charity cash. "When I accompanied Jeanne were either in the pay of pharmaceuticals, all the checks I collected and transferred. Everything else - not my cash, and I'm not responsible for them. All reports on funds spent have been published. About the amount that caused the issues in the "Rusfond" expect the report. On its own behalf can only ask: should not cast a shadow on Rusfond, which made for Jane and many, many other inhabitants of our planet a good deed. It nechesnoe", - announced Dmitry.

Days.Roux wrote that the scandal is the result of funds collected at the treatment star, erupted against the backdrop of the incident, Dmitry Shepelev and Vladimir Friske. Jeanne's father accused the son-in-law for misappropriation of funds acquired for her treatment. Vladimir announced that the civil husband often cheated on the singer with money. Vladimir Kopylov admits that cash for the construction and decoration of cottages in Moscow suburbs, Dmitry Shepelev took the Bank card Friske. According to the statement of the father, the showman did the repair at home even during the disease of Joan: he took the cash that were necessary for her treatment.

Source: Shepelev does not have access to the account Friske

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