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Kai Metov fell in love with his fan

Once a famous performer with unmatched timbre Kai Metov stated in an interview about his own personal life. 51-year-old singer is happily in love with 29-year-old resident of Rostov.

51-year-old artist, performer of such hits as "Last number one", "Remember me", "You misunderstood me" Kai Metov not so long ago brought in a capital living space from Bataisk near Rostov-on-don 29-year-old young woman Anna. The fact that it is actually the same age as his only daughter, Christina, is absolutely not confused the singer.

It turns out that 1-the first meeting of Kai and Anna Matova happened when she was only 8 years old. "Then I came with performances in her native new York. My presentation was held in the open air and suddenly a torrential downpour. Technique is wildly spark, predicting something unexpected - unexpected. Technology took off in search of rubber gloves to make the sound. As visitors impatiently shifting from foot to foot under colorful umbrellas. Still, the speech went well. Maddened crowd, sweeping away everything in its path, rushed up to me for autographs. In the end timidly approached the lady with a small attractive girl with big, open eyes to the world. In gratitude for the fact that she signed the tape, the little girl gave me a hug, and her cheek rolled a tear. Then I nearly cried, remembering his own little daughter Christine, and forever remember this touching feeling. "What's your name?" - asked of a new acquaintance. Silent. Exchanged a few words with her mother, drove off to the hotel. Since then, the family of Ani, as I learned later, all the weekdays and holidays was held under my songs. Morning and late evenings in the home were not switched off the tape recorder and the mother in your wallet appeared my photo," said Kay stamps.

Hardly a musician could imagine that in 15 years he and Anna meet again. "When I arrived in Rostov-on-don with performances in 2011, we by chance met with the grown-up Annie in the hotel lobby. Naturally, at first I didn't recognize her. But when she recalled the past event, I immediately gave her own coordinates on the Internet and took a number. Steel is overwritten in the "Classmates", although I have never been a fan of this case. Discussed everything in the world, from music to the weather. I Anka, then there is a rapid situation on the personal front, and she turned to me for advice, as a specialist in psychology. And in 2013, after my next concert in town on the don, there was some tactile contact. Someone someone like accidentally took the hand and since then the relationship has entered a new phase. When 1 began to fly towards each other. I was still not free, and I had much to bother to see Annie. All ended with the fact that in early may of this year she moved in with me. Since then we are inseparable", - quotes the artist "Express newspaper".

Source: Kai Metov fell in love with his fan

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