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Evgeniy Fridlyand: Dmitriy a perfect father

Famous music producer stood up for the TV presenter, who is accused of poor care for the son. Eugene Friedland argues that Dmitry is doing very well with raising a young Plato.

Scandal in the family Friske continues to gain momentum. Parents of the deceased Jeanne go on television event and report about the fact that Dmitry Shepelev does not allow them to see my son, and the broadcaster also States that Jeanne's father threatens him with execution. The incident grows, and it turns out involved more and more people.

Not so long ago Vladimir Friske on TV announced that Shepelev was spending too little time with his son and his sick wife. After this statement, the father of Jeanne in the case decided to intervene famous music producer Evgeny Fridlyand. He announced that Dmitry knows across as a very caring parent, says the website "Komsomolska truth".

"Just saw on TV the announcement and realized, in the air at Korchevnikov planned another nightmare - wrote network music producer Eugene Friedland.- ...Illness and death of Jeanne Friske in the air. Yeah, I party don't communicate, don't trust anyone and can only say about what he saw and felt with the heart. I love children, although you've ever make, so I fondled his own child more than a couple of hours. Later I get tired and I get bored and want to do something different. And in the summer (in Bulgaria - Approx.Ed.) within 3 months we watched as Shepelev wore a baby solely on her shoulders, smeared cream on the beach, fed him, read stories, walked just One... Every day! Around the clock! Isn't that true father?".

Besides Friedland condemned this incident the family was put on public display. In his opinion, in the future, the whole affair could hit hard on Plato. "Squabbles, scandals, fighting the result of the inheritance - this is your doing, dear "person's person"! Shepelev and a well - grown boy, get over it, but Joan probably turned every day in a coffin, and on Plato you actually cares - no one even thinks that a couple of years it all this filth about my own family will read online! Or he will report it "good-natured" neighbors or teachers at school...", - said the producer.

Remember that the incident between Vladimir Friske and Dmitry Shepelev actually had long passed all bounds. Days.Ru wrote thatin the sidelines of the Russian show-business rumor has it that TV presenter may not be a father son Friske. In this regard, the family have any plans of using the Tribunal to oblige Dmitry Shepelev to spend DNA-examination, to dispel all doubts in the paternity.

Regular brawl is associated with cash late Jeanne Friske. Earlier, the father of the actress has accused former son-in-law purchased the embezzlement of funds for treatment and declared that the civil husband often lied to star in financial matters. According to him, cash on the construction and decoration of the cottage in the suburbs showman took with a Bank card Friske and doing repairs, even during the illness of Jeanne - collected funds for it.

Source: Evgeniy Fridlyand: Dmitriy a perfect father

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