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Son of Eugene Kulakov has autism

A famous actor, star of TV series "Fizruk" and "Trace", Evgeniy Kulakov for the first time reported how he and his wife Olga want to cope with a diagnosis of son Elijah is autistic. As it turns out, their 11-year-old kid showed outstanding ability, and none of what autism even was out of the question.

"We've never been ashamed of this topic and always wanted to tell that we have a son with special needs. But somehow the reporters constantly tried not to touch this topic with a reference to "curiosities". I seemed so natural to state that we have a great son Ilya, he's extraordinary, what we work and hope for excellent results. We expect that at the moment, the background activity of the Fund "Naked heart", this topic will cease to be something forbidden that people will be honest to talk about it and reporters will show interest," said wife, Eugenia Kulakova, actress Olga Vasilyeva-Bujor.

That their son Ilya with unusual development, it was discovered very late. "There were no hints that our boy with autism. In early childhood he had the idea of Prodigy. In the year Ilya spoke, and began, incidentally, with "Mapa". And if you were in his behavior strange, they were strange side of genius: he madly loved the book, he quoted the tale by heart. Ilya with 2 notes learned any song he knew by heart the encyclopedia about animals", - quotes Evgeny Kulakov "7 Days".

Not to mention the fact that, even did not talk about autism. Olga told: "we Have 2 diagnosis. When the doctor said that we have a cerebral palsy, it is extremely cruel showed me how it would look, depicted the gait... I bravely took it and decided: well, not a separate player, as we wanted to be a musician. Doctors said: "He is ahead of peers in development, it is incredibly capable, smart children, we have never in my life seen". Then, before it became clear that our son with autism, they began to recommend me to "think about yourself". Naturally, this could not be and speeches. Б•°Б•°Б•°Б•°Б•°Б•°Б•°Б•°Б•°Б•°Б•°Б•°Б•°Б•°Б•°Б•°Б•°Б•°Б•°Autism is not a disease. This condition, which must be work that people managed without the help of others to live, start a family: everything is possible".

The couple aims to win over diagnosis "At the moment there is only the opportunity to come to excellent end, the child with autism. The main thing that can help is early diagnosis, which in our country can't do yet. Plus qualified correction: it's called applied behavior analysis. In America doing this a long time ago, and he is recognized as the health care system as a working method. As they say at the moment a huge number of charlatans who convince parents raising children with autism that it is necessary to feed them something unimaginable, to take him to Greece, to suspend from the ceiling... Parents believe in all that stuff and wasting your time. Watching as well at the moment are working professionals and some observed dynamics, we are very willing to believe that soon people will stop turning away man on the streets inhabitant of our planet with autism, and we will be able to win together," said Eugene.

Source: Son of Eugene Kulakov has autism

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