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Ustyugov secretly married Anna Ozar

Fashion artist Alexander Ustyugov secretly married ex-wife stars of the film "shadow Boxing" Denis Nikiforov Anna Ozar and took her to France. He was previously married to actress Yanina Sokolovskaya, who bore him a daughter.

In the summer of correspondents learned that the popular artist, star of the television series "COP war" and "Plague" 39-year-old Alexander Ustyugov problems with his wife, an actress, Yanina Sokolovskaya. The actor at that time in full force had an affair with 28-year-old Anna Ozar. And at the end of September it was discovered that lovers secretly married.

On its own official page on the social network Facebook Anna has posted photos from the ceremony. It turns out that Alexander and Anna no one was informed of the joyous event. "Intimate wedding for two. No offense!" - said a happy wife. Right after the registry office the couple flew off to France. Honeymoon the couple spent in romantic walks on comfortable streets of Paris and visited Normandy and Brittany.

Reporters learned that the beloved Ustyugov is the daughter of a big businessman, the General Director of the aviation holding company "Sukhoi" Igor Ozara. In 2008 she graduated from the journalism faculty of Moscow state University and for a while worked as a correspondent of channel "Russia" in Spain. From 2011 to 2013 she studied at the higher courses of film and TV at the film Institute. Having mastered the profession of film Director and screenwriter, Ozar took the first and only short film "Shubaduba in the peonies".

"In General, Anya and Sasha know for a long time, but the close relationship they started in the summer. Ozar - the girl creative. Besides easy-going: at any moment to come together and pull in Peter to Ustyugov, despite the fact that in Moscow she has a daughter Kira. By the way, maybe directly in consequence of this she began to share with you prior to marriage she did not work. Afraid, probably, that this jinx... even Though to put this welcome news to her incredibly hard, otherwise you wouldn't display photos for everyone to see. In General, the guys somehow came together quite vividly. For us their quick wedding, of course, was a surprise: traditionally this occurs when a young woman in the position, you know. But, neither Anka nor Sanya no cleavage! Well - we'll see", - quotes girlfriend Anna Elena Kalinina "Express newspaper".

Former spouse Ozar was actor Denis Nikiforov. He directly played the main roles in the movie "shadow Boxing" and the TV series "Junior". Recognized as the newspaper, about this marriage Nikiforov never mentioned. Kept it and the precedent that they have with Anna is growing up a daughter of Cyrus. Valery Gorokhov, who worked with Nikiforov, stated: "Yes, it's true! Dan and Anya have been together for several years, and they have Kira. We parted, as I realized, for the following reasons Den, so to speak, on other looked. Well, what do you want? He then in young the kid was. This is currently all a family man. And then..."

Declare that, despite a difficult past, Ozar concrete wall of resentment does not hold. And Dennis, though through a social network, but still congratulated Anna with the wedding: "Men are superior snatched! Sasha greetings and wishes with a beautiful acquisition!!!" According to rumors, Ustyugov with his ex-wife also remained in the normal way.

Source: Ustyugov secretly married Anna Ozar

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