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Prokhor Chaliapin died best friend

Prokhor Chaliapin died best friend. Day of the death of a loved inhabitant of our planet musician coincided with his own birthday.

Birthday Prokhor Shalyapin, who on November 26, was 32 years marred by the tragic news. As it turned out, that at that time, as multiple friends and colleagues congratulated the musician on the occasion and wished all the best, the soul Prokhor "scratching cat".

Only closer to the night the he decided to share his own grief with the fans. Prokhor Chaliapin wrote on his own page on the social network that you lost your best friend. Left my best friend Maxim Kuznetsov (here and further the spelling and punctuation preserved. - Approx. ed.)," shared with subscribers in Instagram actor.

The actor did not go into detail and explain what actually happened to his friend. But it is not difficult to guess that the death was a blow to the artist. In memory of the friend Prokhor placed in Instagram a black-and-white photo, which they with Maxim Kuznetsov are embraced.

Such a cute thing could not remain without attention of subscribers Prokhor. Fans had sympathy for Chaliapin, and began to Express my own condolences, as well as wanted to fully awake by his birthday. "There are no words to Express the sadness... Sorry dear, hang in there! We are with you! Death is awful. May your friend be at peace now....and the angels sing him songs...he will always be in your heart...the Bright memory Maxim....", "I'm sorry... This is a great Woe! He will always protect you as your Guardian angel!", "I only turned on the phone after the shooting, and the entire instagram is full of news about the death of max..... Lord I I I I.... I want to shout to the whole world.... Because it was he introduced us Surprise you with 10 years ago. Guys can be! Don't believe and don't want to believe. What is this year then this....??? So many young get sick and die..... The Kingdom of heaven Maxim the newly deceased. So even on a day like this........ Us all strength and health!!!", - posted by users of the social network.

Note, Maxim Kuznetsov a few years ago was the Director of Prokhor Chaliapin. The representative of the stronger sex was responsible for the most important aspect in the lives of the young musician - his work. I must say, when in 2007 the graduate of "factory of stars" was in a quandary after the tragedy, which he was and in the end, where a man died, his close friend and Director not only supported it but was in no hurry to communicate with correspondents, not to give occasion for gossip on this.

"10 years he was my boss. 5 years, Director Nastia Stotskaya, - quotes Starhit Chaliapin. We are all crushed. He died of pneumonia... My best buddy on my birthday... Closer to him I was nobody and no. Since 15 years we were friends and worked and in sorrow and in joy. Now, knowing that he was extremely sick, I postponed all celebrations. Could not find a place here in the evening and found out this terrible news."

Best friend Prokhor was just 31 years old. The star admits that currently it is not easy to speak, but still he wished his close person remembered a kind word. "It knows all of show business - said Chaliapin. - They all adored him and respected, he was extremely honest."

Source: Prokhor Chaliapin died best friend

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