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Johnny Depp and amber heard decided on a wedding date

The Hollywood heartthrob johnny Depp and his fiancee fatal blonde amber heard decided on the date of the wedding.

About that the media have become known not from the love that ignores questions about his personal life, and not from friends from the inner circle of the stars, who also lost in conjectures. Shed further light on the feast of the father of 28-year-old amber heard David.

"Today, they are both extremely busy on the set. And johnny, and amber are working on their own new films. A specific date they have not yet announced, but to delay the wedding they do not want and will get married this fall," - quotes the father of actress newspaper Daily Mail.

David also looking forward to when it will become a grandfather. The man declares, that's all and goes, but only in its season. "Everything should be done in the optimum time. Ember and johnny relevant to the type of people who try to act adequately and timely, " said the star of the spouses for the wisdom of David. - I will certainly be grandchildren, but only after his marriage ember". In addition father Hurd added that johnny has now matured to want a large family and spend a lot of time with children.

By the way, a friend Depp Angelina Jolie has recently recommended johnny not to hurry with the wedding. Star advised him to save its state to 350 million dollars. As already wrote Melbourne Herald sun, Jolie and brad pitt became friends with johnny in 2010 on the set of the movie "the Tourist". On the rights girlfriend Angie literally begs 50-year-old Depp not to hurry with the wedding, saying that he is going through a midlife crisis.

Actress amber heard that became a beloved stars "of the Caribbean", met Depp in 2012 on the set of the movie "the Rum diary". In early June of the same year, Depp was gone from his own beloved Vanessa Paradis, with whom he had a relationship for a period of 14 years.

It is noteworthy that Paradis and johnny Depp were not officially married and have often said that no hurry to make their own relationship. During this novel artists had two children, daughter Lily-rose and son Jack. And yet, despite their break, they maintain relationships. In addition Vanessa was the first who johnny said about the upcoming wedding. It turned out, amber heard is considered to be a fan of the ex-wife's own beloved.

Depp and Hurd plan to get married on a personal island Hollywood actor in the Bahamas archipelago. After the ceremony the guests awaits a barbecue and a performance. In addition, Depp wants to call for the triumph group The Rolling Stones. Rumors about the wedding johnny Depp and amber heard arose after the young woman in the middle of January came with the wedding ring on her finger, which she diligently hid. Later adept pair approved the news of the engagement.

Source: Johnny Depp and amber heard decided on a wedding date

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