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Dana Borisova accused the groom in parsimony

Parting popular TV presenter Dana Borisova and businessman Alexey Pankov was foolish. She called it a miser, and he accused her of hypocrisy.

Not so long ago Given Borisov and Alexei Pankov literally soul in each other doted: published a joint photo on your own pages in social networks, and TV presenter said in an interview that is ready to move to your loved to Berlin and to be a housewife. More surprising was announced the severance of the pair. As announced producer Borisova Tim BRIC , all because of the difference in the mentalities.

Commented the words of the producer are Given Alexey Pankov. "It's funny! With the mentality I have everything was normal. I was born in Tallinn, but my parents are Russians! Just not easy to build a serious relationship with a man for whom love is measured in cash. The more you invest in it, the sort I like. And this is not the only reason. The producer has a specific intent to Dan: he is interested in her loneliness and constant search for the guys. He pressured her, continuously tuned against me... Our love affair with This extremely quickly developed. We are souls in one another doted. I even thought that she marries, has not lost the job. Coined 1 an interesting show-project for TV, which we could carry out together..." - quotes the words of the businessman "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Besides all this, punks added that he was sorry daughter Borisova: "It is beautiful, sociable, persistent and purposeful. But for family happiness Dane need to fundamentally rethink its policy of consumer attitude to the representatives of the stronger sex. We had not time to leave, as she again looking for another husband-sponsor. Of course, I want her to be happy! Most of all I worry about her daughter, who need care, attention and love."

Also, producer Dana Borisova Tim BRIC announced that Pankova to be trusted. "When this representative of strong sex lived in Estonia, was engaged in show business and sold himself on Estonian singer. Believe it man cannot. Even child, a daughter is Given, he applied for PR was photographed together with the girl and laid out photo in their own social networks. Dana allowed him because he wants to have her daughter was a real family - mom and dad. Relative to cash, Given the constantly paid for itself. They went into the restaurant. I was Given the last 500 euros. He even letting it has not issued, declaring: "You for a great price ate!" He told her that she was no man, humiliated her. And parted with Dana June 13, threw her birthday! Is this normal?" said Tim BRIC.

But the most laconic comment relatively break gave herself Dana Borisova: "What are the cash can be a miser, who in the restaurant with a calculator all counts? For me, this man is not. I just once again made a mistake, now I will only listen to Tim and his mother".

Source: Dana Borisova accused the groom in parsimony

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