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Nyusha rescued a young man of my daughter Zavorotnyuk

The famous singer Nyusha repelled the young man, the daughter of actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Anna Stryukova. Young women did not share the rap-executor Kreed.

The existence of Yegor Kreed (real name Yegor Bulatkin) the public found out after he performed together with the artist Alexei Vorobyov soulful song "More than love". As learned correspondents, a young man from a rather wealthy family: its founder Nicholas Bulatkina belongs to the largest Russian company on processing of nuts Unitron.

There are rumors that in the beginning Yegor Bulatkin met with the popular actress Victoria Daineko. Then he met the daughter of actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Anna Stryukova. She starred in the video of his friend from Penza young rapper Artem Bizina. It is curious that in the party stubbornly rumor, as if directly from Nyusha daughter "beautiful nanny" parted with a young man, he says, Egor not only in love with the singer, but quickly realized that dad producer is much more promising than the mother is an actress.

"Egor I became friends when I was 11 years old, and he is 12. I then took part in the "pioneer" rap battles. And he also wanted to these battles to go. We are bound. With Stryukova we met at the same time. Once sat in a cafe and decided to write Anya on her page on the social network. We struck up a correspondence, which lasted several months. Later I asked her to appear in the video "memoirs of annihilation". Egor, this never took part. He wanted to start with Anya more serious than close friendship. But they all quickly ended. As he explained, Anya was still very small for such tasks. Apparently, there are other reasons. But Yegor in parts of the novel with Nyusha me not dedicates", - quotes Bisine "Express newspaper". By the way, Nyusha (real name Anna Churochkina) for 6 years older Stryukova.

At the same time rumors about the novel Yegor Kreed and NYSE arose after he was placed in own social network account photograph of a woman's eye with the caption: "Only with her I learned the true meaning of the phrase "to sink favorite in the eyes". And for the first time ever regret that they can't swim". Fans quickly determined that the eye as if owned by the Nyusha, and concluded that the rapper with her novel. Soon it appeared on a demonstration clip "do", in which Egor has acted with Victoria Bonya, and then no doubt in their relationship.

Actress Svetlana Teslya cast in a small role in the clip, stated: "This video was made in club "Garage", and in the corridors all conversations were only about a love relationship Egor and NYSE. It was even said that Nyusha came to Yegor on the ground and her car all night stood near the club. As I explained, father forces the Nyusha from all hide relations with Egor. And I perfectly understand. If to look, whose concert much it costs, Nyusha is a respectable level, and Yegor before it falls short. Of course, the Pope is not hunting, to obscure young man sold himself with his daughter".

Correspondents reached and the father of NYSE producer Vladimir Shurochkin. He said, "What kind of nonsense?! You never know what state you are in a party. Someone wants to make black PR in their friendly relations. This has happened many times. Yes, the relations of NYSE and Kreed actually is. They have similar interests and views on art. From my point of view, Egor is a very interesting young man".

Source: Nyusha rescued a young man of my daughter Zavorotnyuk

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