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Litvinova quarreled with the famous French brand

Fashionable actress, Director and writer Renata , whose face was until not so long ago occurred time. Now the artist is even going to sue him.

Not so long ago, Renata Litvinova shot or small movie for the 1st famous French cosmetic brand. She paid a fee of EUR 450 thousand, promising everywhere to position the clip only as the author of the film. However after the picture was removed and transferred to the customer, the brand presented the video contrary to the terms of the contract as a marketing video. Later on the order of the company in Vogue magazine appeared note with offensive to Litvinova submission. It told, that the French brand ordered Litvinova specifically promotional video.

"The agreement we have talked about 3 months, and on our part was only one requirement - that it would never called marketing video. Renata is currently in utter horror. "In other words I am for such small cash removed the film, and I now say that I did? Well, if I work on this, so I actually own funds paid for!" quoted agent Litvinova Raisa Fomin Super.ru.

Too moreover, during the process of making the movie at the customer to Litvinova was a large number of requirements. So she had 15 times to process the film at their own expense. Paid according to the contract of half a million of rubles to create a film, salaries of actors, editors, and a trip to Paris, where he shot the movie, was not enough. Then Litvinova had to invest in the author's picture over 200 thousand rubles of its own funds.

Adept Litvinova told: "Renata paid for all these alterations own cash. We have chased them with a scandal, as the company has said that they have no cash. In consequence of a long dispute, we said, "So be it, will give you 100 thousand, and that's all." We give us permission, but cash us and did not return. We also had to provide a hair and make up to the shooting, but also for their suggestions we paid ourselves - 7500 euros for a make-up artist and 4,500 euros for the hairdresser. You know Renata, if it will be judged, it will ruin the reputation of the brand forever.

They don't understand one thing - when you are faced with such people like her, you should be quite careful in their statements and claims. Renata was brought to a state of hysteria. Later, instead of just translate the cash, we started receiving letters with threats. I did it all forwarded Renate. There was written there: "We will appeal to the court and You will pay all expenses". Renata went on the ceiling, she screamed and called until 2 am! At the moment she hired a lawyer and will fight to see that she has paid compensation! Moreover, they are also published this marketing roller, then all wrote that Renata was removed, and Zemfira, composed the music".

Curiously, the actual representation of the brand's not going to bring the case to court. The lawyer of the firm said: "as far As I understand, the main complaint of Renata Muratovna contained in the article, published in the magazine Vogue, which improperly influenced reputation Litvinova and caused outrage in her group. The article also written that the music for the film was written by Zemfira, although of course we know that it did not it. We do not want to solve the situation through the Tribunal. If there is a chance to sit down at the negotiating table before the court, we would with great pleasure took it".

Source: Litvinova quarreled with the famous French brand

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