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Bieber continued scandal bloom

Justin Bieber can not calm down after a brawl with Orlando bloom. Artist placed in Instagram photo former wife Miranda Kerr, where he allegedly cries, and in fact, apparently, just holds his hand over his eyebrows.

Unfortunately inhabitants, datareplace popcorn, young brawler offensive comments in the address Orlando did not leave, so attack the country may be left without response. Probably bloom already stated that wanted their own hook to the jaw Justin. "Please, enough," he asked 1 of fans ... under snapshot "crying" artist, but her father was drowned in the stream of abuse in the address of the artist from admirers of beautiful Legolas.

As inform the foreign mass media, specifically the 20-year-old Justin became the organizer of the incident. He walked up to 37-year-old Orlando survivors not so long ago, the divorce Kerr, the restaurant in Ibiza with the words: "Give my regards Miranda", for which he received from an angry artist feedback.

Immediately after the brawl with bloom Bieber put another provocative photo in my microblog, which then quickly removed. As already wrote Melbourne Herald sun, insulted pop idol published a picture of Miranda Kerr in seductive orange bikini. He did only a few hours after quarrel with her ex-husband. The artist does not signed photo, but published a crown icon is exactly what tattooed on his chest.

Correspondents imagine Bieber deliberately teasing bloom, as Orlando had once been seen with former beloved of the artist zelenoi Gomez. Then rumors about the novel between the stars. Currently, the photographers imply that Bieber simply wants to avenge bloom, although really revenge must directly Orlando, because Justin was familiar with his ex-wife even before bloom met Gomez.

What will the love quadrangle is not clear, as if Miranda Kerr correspondents notice with the only man - her son from bloom Flynn, Selena Gomez, not so long ago noticed resting in the arms of an unknown gentleman.

By the way, this is not the 1st fight in consequence of Miranda Kerr. A month earlier because Miranda corrected each other's face and break his teeth 2 billionaire. Top model became the Apple of discord for James packer, who has the casino and is engaged in media business, and David Gyngell - the heads of the authoritative Australian TV Channel.

Clash of the 2-once the best of friends-billionaires ended bloodshed and loss of teeth, because intervened police Sydney to investigate all incidents unpleasant events. According to the witnesses of the fight, packer and Gingell suddenly had an exchange of insults and blows, and then fell down and began to roll on the ground, trying to strangle each other. In consequence of one of shock Gingell in the jaw packer, which lost several teeth. Representatives of the stronger sex has continued furiously pounding each other until it fell down with a concrete fence near the Villa James. On the place where they landed, were subsequently found broken teeth packer. Directly he is rumored boyfriend is Miranda Kerr with the end of 2013, and not Bieber that just PR on its own lime novel with Kerr.

Source: Bieber continued scandal bloom

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