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Oleg Gazmanov in the 3rd time became the father of

Famous singer Oleg Gazmanov in the 3rd time became a father. He showed a photograph of a newborn baby.

On their official page on the social network Instagram Oleg Gazmanov published a photograph that has become a real sensation, not only among its multiple admirers, and followers of the press. In the screenshot 63-year-old artist poses with a young child. "Live another life through the eyes of their own baby. Above this there is nothing," he signed photo Gazmanov. The musician immediately collapsed stream of congratulations.

At the same time, the artist himself does not explain this image. Judging by the coloring service crumbs, Gazmanov holds a girl. If this girl is actually the daughter of a fashionable artist, for him it is already 3 baby (4th, if we count the wife son from his first marriage). Note that the difference between children Gazmanov impressive. At the moment, his own children he and Marianne 33 years and 10 years respectively.

Remember, Oleg and Marina Gazmanov were married in 2003. They raise two children: 16-year-old son Philip and daughter, ten-year Marianna. Philip is the adopted son Gazmanov, Marina gave birth to a boy in marriage with Vyacheslav Mavrodi, the younger brother of popular Sergey Mavrodi. In addition, Gazmanov from his first marriage, is 33-year-old son Rodion.

The musician in an interview confessed that he was married, has 2 sons and a daughter very strictly. Such a manner of communicating with children, the artist chose to protect them from potential threats. "We must do everything so that they will never forget - so it is impossible to do. It is impossible finger in the socket to stick. Drugs to consume. Mine in the house to bring the last I learned from personal experience," he told the Gazmanov. Remember, in early childhood the father had snatched from the upcoming star rusty mine that he intended to lead to action, and this saved him from death. Real antipersonnel mine little Oleg found on the ground in a military hospital.

"I always aim to give children an excellent education, to teach them to play sports and, of course, to be an example for them, otherwise all efforts are useless, - said the musician. - Well, did I make of the sons of the real representatives of the stronger sex is not for me to judge. Are the guys strict, but punish them only in one case: when they seek to do something unsafe for their lives."

About little musician Marianne responds with a special thrill. "When you declare it, then moves inside a warm ball, I am overflowed with tenderness, she said artist. - You know, it's hard to put into words: I am a man, I am a warrior, and she is soft, delicate, tender. Lean to me, and I feel that we have one heart for two. To me poetry is easier to talk: "Small pleasures, bows and sweets unusual flow in my life".

Source: Oleg Gazmanov in the 3rd time became the father of

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