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Elton John threw a baby

The famous English singer Elton John did not keep their own commitments to care about Ukrainian boy from the orphanage Lev Ageyeva living in Mariupol.

When in the metropolis started fighting, and the baby needed support, the management of the orphanage was not able to get in touch with the singer.

Touching the situation of an orphanage boy Leve Ageeva from Mariupol, which wanted to adopt Elton John, 5 years ago discussed the whole world. The artist wanted to adopt the baby, but when faced with bureaucracy, failed to do so. Then sir Elton publicly promised before the end of the day to take care of the baby, and keep it. But when Ukraine came fighting about their own commitment, the artist seems to have forgotten. To get in touch with the English musician can neither control the orphanage where the boy nor his family members.

Custody of a failed son of Elton John designed his own grandmother paternal Julia D. Ageev. After the outbreak of the bombing of Mariupol Yulia Dmitrievna had to leave Mariupol. She hurried to bring a six-year Levu in Kiev. "Elton John was not helped, honestly and humanly you to confess. Grandmother and son helped to leave the metropolis charitable Foundation", - quotes the father of the boy Sergey Ageev Super.ru. Not so long ago he was released from prison, where he stayed 5 years ago, when his child in the orphanage, was interested world star.

Why Elton John had forgotten about his promise at the moment when a small lion, located almost on the situation of refugee and most in need of help, is unknown. Adherents of the English musician asked to comment on the arisen situation keep silence.

As suggested by the newspaper, in 2009 at the invitation of the daughter of former President Leonid Kuchma of Ukraine, the founder of the charity Fund "Anti AIDS" Elena Pinchuk came to Mariupol Elton John. During his visit he gave a charity concert and came in a special orphanage for HIV-positive children, where he met with a year-old baby Lion Ageeva, orphaned after the death of his mother (the lady was HIV positive and died of tuberculosis). Then the artist announced their determination to adopt it.

However on the way the world stars formed bureaucratic hurdles. According to article 211 of the Family code of Ukraine sample 2009, adoptive parents could not be persons that are older than a toddler for more than 45 years, and foreigners who are not married. "Civil partnership" 67-year-old Elton John and his 51-year-old canadian filmmaker David furnish, in which the representatives of the stronger sex are from 2005, on the ground of Ukraine was declared invalid. The couple in adoption then refused. But the artist has promised to help the child and to ensure his every need in the future. Soon Elton John and his husband furnish started his own baby. The surrogate mother gave birth to a male son Zachary Jackson Levon furnish-John.

Source: Elton John threw a baby

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