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Died a famous TV presenter Joan rivers

The famous American comic actress and TV presenter Joan rivers died at the age of 81 years. The last week of her life she spent in the hospital in a state of artificial coma.

Tragic news about the death of Joan rivers shared with a population of her daughter Melissa. The day before, on 4 September, she published an appeal to many fans of the TV presenter and actress, in which she talked about the death of the mother.

"With great sadness that I inform you of the death of his own mother Joan rivers. She left us in 1.17 evening, surrounded by family and close friends. My son and I would like to thank the medical professionals, nurses and other hospital staff Mount Sinai for the excellent care they gave to my mother. Cooper and I have received many outpourings of love, care, prayers that we have received from all over the world. They were listened to and valued. Great joy to my mother was to get the inhabitants of our planet to laugh. Although at the moment it's hard to do, I know, her last wish was that we again started laughing as soon as possible", - quotes the daughter of Joan rivers Hollywood Life.

The last week before the death of the American TV presenter spent in the hospital in a state of artificial coma. Remember, August 28, Joan rivers was urgently taken to the hospital because he stopped breathing during the procedure of endoscopy in a hospital in Manhattan. According to reliable information, the media, the actress was a chronic disease of the vocal cords.

As noted in the new York police, first state Joan rivers was assessed as "critical". Further, in future reports, it was reported that the actress "critical but stable", and then "stable". Her daughter Melissa, after learning about the incident with her mother, immediately flew from Los Angeles to new York. In its own statement, Melissa said: "I want to thank everyone for the love and support you send my mother. She is at peace, comfort, surrounded by family. We ask you to pray for her and think about her." In the morning or in the afternoon of 4 September, the doctors put the artist in a state of coma, but in the evening she left this world.

Joan rivers was known not only for their own comedic roles, but clear statements that she made in a private transfer. Not so long ago, she called for attacks on Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip. She also said that the followers of the Palestinian movement Hamas terrorists. "You started all this. You deserve death. Don't you dare force me to sympathize with them, " said rivers. This tirade literally shocked many Internet users. For example, in the social network Twitter Joan rivers wished to "burn in hell".

The presenter obviously didn't choose expressions. For example, in her interview that she gave to the correspondent of one channel, the actress walked the presidential couple Barack and Michelle Obama. On the question of the interviewer, when America will be the President-gay, Joan replied, "we already have this - Obama. And his wife Michelle - shemale. Know it all". Joan rivers convinces surprised the public that its expressions are not of a political nature - only humor. Note, in your own program "fashion Police" and all sorts of interviews rivers often insulted not only stars, but also their children. So, not so long ago, Joan was named one-year-old daughter Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's North "ugly".

Source: Died a famous TV presenter Joan rivers

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