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Margarita Shankin was left without a husband

Popular singer Margarita Shankin parted with her husband Andrew-Lithium. What was the cause of the break, the couple prefers not to clarify.

Margarita Shankin and Andrey Letyagin know each other literally since high school. Love not once parted and once again reunited, worked together in the band "Mirage". The result is a couple of years ago Lychagin and Shankin decided to live together, but to formalize the relationship did not. Not so long ago, the pair was taken from the orphanage 2 children - a boy and a girl. At first glance, their happiness there was little he could prevent it.

However at the moment they discovered the information that Margarita Shankin and Andrey Letyagin parted, informs the Russian Showbiz. What was the reason for another parting is unknown. The former lovers prefer not to explain the news. But it is reported that the actress and the producer has been able to preserve good relations and continue to cooperate.

At the same time, there are rumours that Letyagin not withstood the role of the father. In not so long ago occurred interviews Shankin said that the lady gives birth to children only for themselves. "Many ladies declare that spouses come and go, but the children remain. And I should have clarified: the lady gets a baby only for themselves. And not so important, there beside her representative of the stronger sex or not..." said the artist.

Shankin took from the orphanage 2 children - brother and sister - in last year. Currently Serezha and Lera 5 and 4 years respectively. According to the version of the actress in the house, the children gradually thawed, serenely asleep (the 1st time the new mother and grandmother had to hold the stick). Children learned to swim, even the sounds of the fireworks were moved normally (and earlier in hysterical screaming that this is not a beautiful fireworks display, and a terrible guy in the orphanage shoots). "They began to come to himself, but when I go to work, still regularly ask: "Mom, are you coming back? Mom, you will not leave us?" said Shankin.

The artist has stated about life today Serezha and Lera: "At the moment with my dog She embraces, she may fall asleep, and he will lie, not moving a muscle... Serge is already writing letters and know their names, just very concerned that until you can merge... children And I never cheated. Once under its responsibility put kids movie about a Dolphin that came under the screw, and he cut off the tail. But the movie was long and for those who are older, Serge 5 times it looked as if hypnotized: neither eat nor to play not wanted, and later said: "Mom, I want to see him." "You will be the dolphins," I promised, and we went to the Dolphinarium, where a boy with such tenderness touched the shiny side of Beluga whales... And the other day went to the circus, and I'm in the house too, the next day was a circus...".

Source: Margarita Shankin was left without a husband

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