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Fans were outraged by the Pink Floyd album

The famous English rock band Pink Floyd broke a 20-year silence and released a farewell album. The album titled the Endless River ("Endless river") before entering topped the list of the most predictable fresh music releases, but fans who listen to the song could not hide their disappointment.

As a rule, the latest album Pink Floyd composed of works that were recorded back in 1993, to drive The Division Bell, but for various reasons were not included in it. Just the album 18 instrumental tracks and the song Louder Than Words. Creators and performers steel guitarist David Gilmour, drummer Nick Mason and keyboardist Richard Wright, who died in 2008. Based on the posts on the official web site of the group, this almost hour-long album is dedicated to the memory of Wright, who died from cancer in 2008, and is considered the last work of Pink Floyd.

Fans eagerly awaited the release of records for more than 2 weeks before the release of The Endless River topped the list of the most predictable fresh music releases and broke all records for the number of pre-orders in the online store Amazon. The plate ahead for the fame album Coldplay "Ghost Stories" and the ordered album of all years "Midnight Memories" group One Direction, which was released in 2013. Artists speaking about the new album, with full confidence say that he would have liked the late Wright. Along with this version Gilmour, their fans must be prepared to listen to the new album, because it is not very simple, requires "special mood" and can not be combined with modern fashion for quick change songs without transitions, informs "Bi-bi-si".

However despite the warnings, the fans could not hide their disappointment about the new album. Admiring or simply sympathetic reviews virtually no social networking fans of Pink Floyd reported that their hopes deceived. "3 times already listened to and ultimately turned Dark side of the moon" - shares the opinion of the user of the social network "Vkontakte" Mashyk Mashyk. "Without the vocals are not quite gone. Excellent sleeping. Any other album Pink Floyd stronger this thomasina. In addition to a good cover is there to catch nothing," adds the user Ruslan Vladimirovich. "They'd better be, this album was not released, without waters this is not Pink Floyd - echoes the disappointed fans of Arnold Layne.

"Tired already for the fifth track, later just started to look for the vocals found Louder than words, listened and turned off the player, sometimes the music is interesting, but my hopes, unfortunately, is not justified. Division bell stronger," was shared by user Artur Khamidullin. "I don't understand why I need this instrumental album? Do not condemn, but simply don't understand," informs the user Pavel Fomenko. "The whole album is perceived background. No one live song. Gilmore frankly "kixovar". It is clear that assembled from pieces of the previous albums, but at least 1 "bombowy" thing you can write, and not to stick some old ideas. Sadly - a big disappointment," concludes the user Igor Voloshin.

Add that criticism among other things cool enough met the album. In Britain musical commentators agreed that the story was over 9 years ago and the final point was a concert in English Hyde Park, when the group took not very effective attempt to reunite, according to RIA Novosti. However, according to the critics, although the latest album and is not new actually, and contains entries almost 20 years ago, it sounds "as the work of Pink Floyd, has sold more than 50 million copies of the album Dark Side of the Moon".

Source: Fans were outraged by the Pink Floyd album

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Fans were outraged by the Pink Floyd album -  Знаменитости Fans were outraged by the Pink Floyd album шоу бизнес последние эротические фотографии  эротика лучшие
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