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The channel dismissal Marat Basharova

The public relations division, TNT commented on the news about the cancellation of the contract with the famous artist Marat Basharova. Prerequisite though was the scandal generated by the beating of his wife Catherine Ancharovoj, however it was discovered that Basharova was not fired.

Management of TNT did not confirm the information about the departure Marat Basharova, which spread through the entire Internet. "We do not confirm this information. The control channel has not terminated the contract with Marat Basharova" - quoted by the official dealer channel Russian Showbiz.

Earlier in the Network were seen information that Basharov no longer will be the leader of the "Battle of the psychics. The bosses of the TV channel TNT has decided to terminate the contract with fashionable actor unilaterally informs Topbeauty. It was said that the cause was considered to be a family brawl, which received publicity in the press and has made a large amount of noise.

In early October it became known that Basharov, being drunk, badly beaten your wife, actress Catherine Arkharov. The 39-year-old ladies broken nose, she was diagnosed with numerous bruises and a concussion. While the relatives of Ancharovoj went on talk shows, in paints telling everyone about the assault Basharova, Catherine was silent. Talk it could Andrey Malakhov. In his show "Let them talk" Arkharov gave a Frank interview.

Catherine remembered the details of the incident: "With glass eyes he flew at me and beat. I was all in blood. He looked at me with a grin: "Well, have you been, mother?" And threw me out of the house. Then I took off the engagement ring. I can say that that night he was drunk. I still do not understand why the missus looked at me with his hand. Realizing that he had the next day of shooting, I asked Marat to rise into the bedroom. In response, the husband started to hurt me and my parents. I stumbled upon this anger! He beat on the head, face. To Dodge it, I broke the ashtray door. Then came the kick in the nose. I was all in blood. No one came to help, although housing was former mother-in-law of Marat and his daughter. When he threw me out of the house, I called my parents, they came after me. They entered the house, and Marat says to them: "we Have Kate and everything is perfect!" Later I was taken to the emergency room, where they found a concussion and a broken nose. Enough time has passed, but the husband I never called. Sent only message: "Katia, when we file for divorce?" Arkharov emphasized that did not receive an apology from her husband.

Then came an interview with cousin Catherine, which said, as if Basharov managed to beat Arkharov in Sochi in late summer and managed to change with 2 ladies. The Director of the artist, his ex-wife Elizabeth Crocco has not confirmed this information, saying that beating in Sochi - a certain heresy, and reported that the couple want to come to a compromise. Himself Basharov said that she loves her spouse and is not going to divorce her.

Source: The channel dismissal Marat Basharova

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