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Hollywood star gave birth Klitschko firstborn

Hollywood star, actress Hayden panettiere gave birth 5 December firstborn famous boxer Wladimir Klitschko. How did you find the reporters, it's a girl.

Ukrainian media exploded with the news that 38-year-old heavyweight boxer Wladimir Klitschko first became a father. His 25-year-old girlfriend - Hollywood star, actress, who starred in the famous TV series "Heroes", Hayden panettiere December 5, gave birth to first child.

A little earlier brother Wladimir Vitali with his own press Secretary told in social networks that Hayden went to the hospital and he was in a moment will become uncle. "Waiting for the news from the United States from Volodya and Hayden," he shared with the subscribers own impatience Vitaly. Ubiquitous photographers learned that the actress gave birth to a girl.

By the way, just the other day still pregnant bride boxer shocked paparazzi changed shape. The petite actress was disproportionately huge belly. A few days before the birth panettiere went to Hawaii to relax before such a significant event. Photographers immediately bummed images, in which the belly of the stars was almost more than most Actresses (her height is only 153 cm).

After it became clear that panettiere is waiting for a baby, her figure has changed beyond recognition: the once fragile Hayden noticeable grew heavy, and her face is substantially rounded and swollen. However, the future missus Klitschko is not going to remain long in this state. She reported that immediately after birth will sit on a strict diet. Among other things panettiere is not going to get married, having excess kg.

Earlier in his interview with Hayden confessed that he expects the girl. "I can not wait when it will come to light!" she said secular chroniclers. When they wanted to clarify, that's right do they, Hayden admitted that they Wladimir Klitschko waiting for the girl. Petite blonde told that they put a difficult task: the name of the baby should be immediately and American, and Ukrainian. "We are still to be determined, and we already have a couple of options in mind," said the actress.

As we were informed Days.Roux, Wladimir Klitschko and Hayden panettiere got engaged in early years and planned to get married in early summer, but in early may, the couple decided to postpone the feast in consequence of events in Ukraine. Klitschko and panettiere meet since 2009. After living together for about a year and a half, at the beginning of may 2011 they announced the termination of the relationship, and at the end of 2012 back together again.

The next six months the pair decisively rejected a new novel, constantly appearing in public in an embrace. Later, there appeared information about the interesting position of Hollywood actress. Alan panettiere announced that the pregnancy of his daughter was scheduled. "Our whole family happy this news. Especially glad Volodya and Hayden. Their graphics at the moment extremely busy, but they will work on in order to find time for the wedding," said future grandfather.

Source: Hollywood star gave birth Klitschko firstborn

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