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Gradsky passionate about their student on "the Voice"

1 of the mentors of the TV show "the Voice" by Alexander Gradsky seriously passionate about their own 24-year-old pupil Alexandra Vorobyeva. Famous musician is extremely kind to the girl chooses for her images and even asked her to speak at his creative evening.

24-year-old Alexander Vorobyov from Engels after the first concert on the project "the Voice" has become a leader by watching her video on the web. To graduate they turned all 4 of the mentor, but the artist made the "traditional" stay at Alexander Gradsky. It turns out that Alexander became a pupil of town because his songs are adored her grandfather.

"Grandpa, Vyacheslav khokhlachev, taught at the school of music and at the same time managed the orchestra of folk instruments "Pokrovsky dawns". He gave his mother to learn to play the piano, she is my music teacher, and aunt to study folklore. Grandpa often told me how she and my grandmother used to collect records of Alexander Gradsky and the Duo sang the hit "How young we were. Grandfather, sadly, passed away in the recent past, but each with its own entrance on the scene of the "Voice" I dedicate to him. He wanted me to have participated in the project, but I kept repeating: "it's all bought!" Not sure what to get on the show is the only cash or Bank. After graduating from the Academy of music Gnesin I decided to tempt fate. Casting sang a song Christina Aguilera and passed. Sorry, my grandfather had not seen her granddaughter: as if he was enjoying my choice of a mentor! But my grandmother never misses 1st ether and constantly cries when I sing," said Vorobyov.

The town is very passionate about his own pupil: he invited her to their own creative evening and even chooses her outfits. "At the last stage stylists project gave me a great outfit, and I just have not got. Time to sew or alter no: concert the next day. I found in your own closet dress - black, with lace on the shoulders. It turns out that we have a Town with the same tastes. He said: "the Feathers fit the French song "Waltz thousands of times." Good choice!" Dress so he liked what he asked me to come to his creative evening, which was held last week. The first time I spoke to mnogomillionnoi audience in the hall were Iosif Kobzon. Worried, naturally. City paternally braced me: hugged, kissed. Now dress I will cherish all my life as an amulet, " said Alexander Vorobyov "Express newspaper".

Unlike other pupil bushy Homan, who had lost 10 kg, the town does not force him to lose weight. "On the contrary. Gradsky asked: "why are You so skinny?" We currently have with him are not diet and regular dress: tight, with a slit on the leg. In General I am not a supporter of extreme diets. Eat rolls for the night, though, and you realize you need to lose a couple of kg," said the woman.

Source: Gradsky passionate about their student on "the Voice"

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