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Marriage pregnant Kozhevnikova under threat

Marriage is a famous actress and MP Maria Kozhevnikova, which expects 2 baby, on the verge of collapse. As stated by the press, the spouse star is not who she claims to be.

In the autumn of last year Maria Kozhevnikova secretly married, and soon made the wedding ceremony in France. A protцLgцL of the artist has become her lover, with whom Mary met about 2 years. "Blessed is the man is not public and does not consider it necessary to pose for the press. I respect his decision, and we try not to let our personal space," explained Kozhevnikova. According to her statement, despite the fact that they are different in nature to what is happening around them, the world young people are looking identichno. "I from time to time it seems that it is I," concluded Mary. The sacrament of marriage happened in one of the most beautiful places of France, the Russian Orthodox St. Nicholas Church in nice. For the wedding Mary chose a soft white gown of the finest silk with covered shoulders. Luxurious image in the floor with a train created by Russian artist Alexander Serov. It is hand sewn and decorated with French lace.

However, as stated by the Express newspaper, the spouse star is emphatically not who warns him Kozhevnikova. "Spouse Kozhevnikova - no entrepreneur, and the usual geek from Tver! Having arrived in Moscow to work, accidentally met with Masha. At that time he was married and raised two children. When Kozhevnikova became a Deputy, Eugene immediately left the family, and their secret meetings with the actress turned into cohabitation. In the end she took him in divine form, arranged for a prestigious job in a construction company, and only when rude boy began to resemble the big city, the actress has dared to show his friends. Well, later on unexpectedly happened pregnancy and sudden wedding in nice," admits the reader editions Olesya Glazkova.

Passports Kozhevnikova and her husband still no stamp on marriage - according to Russian laws wedding in nice has no legal force. The actress claimed that these formalities pointless waste of time. But in the close environment of the actress say more: the formalization of the relationship disobedient to parents of Mary. "I think, Margarita V. and Alexander Viktorovich afraid that Jane will popolnoma Mania, and later leave her with the children. Mary, of course, in love with wife without memory - all ready for him, but for the last month they often quarrel. Whether hormones rough - she waits a second, or affects the pressure of the family. And there's 1 aspect. I was told 1 are extremely respected sir, what mania is expecting baby from another...," said a secular woman Valeria Vypolzovo, which is close to the environment Kozhevnikova.

Note that the 1st wave of rumors that the family life of the actress not all straight, appeared in early September. Then the reporters noticed spouse Kozhevnikova, who appeared on the celebration of the 32nd anniversary of the artist Iron a Hollywood star alone, without wedding rings.

Source: Marriage pregnant Kozhevnikova under threat

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