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Daughter Jolie and pitt have changed gender

Eight-year-old daughter trendy Hollywood actors Angelina Jolie and brad pitt Shiloh is only men's clothes and asks to be called John. The girl flatly denies its own floor, and her parents strongly support the decision of their own daughters and do not want to disturb her.

A resounding scandal broke out in the Western show business after Shiloh, eight-year-old daughter of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt, participated in the survey, dressed in male clothing and making trendy haircut from his own short hair. The girl was more like the boy in this image. Poured oil into the fire by their own parents. Angelina and brad said that allow Shiloh to dress as she wishes.

But then Jolie and pitt made a mistake, telling reporters In Touch that eight-year-old baby categorically does not want to be a girl, dreaming to be a boy, and asks to be called John. The public literally fell on the couple, accusing them that they too lightly relate to the actions of their own daughters, all of allowing her, and demanded that the stars became more careful Shiloh and wanted her to prove that being a girl is also good.

Earlier in his interview with Jolie confessed that her honored wedding to brad pitt from the start went off script and was full of surprises, not the most joyful. Started with all the cake lovers do not have time to order. However angelina and brad from the panic and frustration saved ten-year-old son pax. Descendant of artists from a young age has a passion for cooking now managed to get around in this art own legendary mother. Learning about the trouble with the cake, the boy prepared a truly wonderful dessert that struck newlyweds beauty and elegant taste and causing them to attack pride for his son.

But the confusion at the wedding is over. Guests of the feast, apparently, so udivilsja hasty wedding Jolie and pitt did not have time to learn the words to the song Here Comes The Bride, which was to start in the most serious moment of the ceremony, and not sung. "We wish the guests sang Here Comes The Bride. But our project failed: someone forgot the words, someone not timely entered... It all sounded very funny," admitted the actress. And so completely comical were with their spouse wedding vows. The authors of the texts words for the bride and groom have their children, because reading your own marriage promises, Angelina and brad was literally shaking with laughter, which robbed the moment of solemnity. Version Jolie, all of these nerves in consequence of the organization of celebrations and special ceremony painted with colored crayons and markers veil only became better acquainted with her lover. After so many years together is unlikely that you will be able to damage the harmony of the couple.

Source: Daughter Jolie and pitt have changed gender

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