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The secret of harmony Jovovich pregnant

Famous actress and model Milla Jovovich, who expects 2 toddler, revealed the secret of their own harmony. The young woman confessed that there are several methods to keep in shape so exciting for each ladies period.

On their official page on the social network Facebook Milla Jovovich has published a few photos of the sunset on the beach and posted a screenshot of your own phone from unknown numbers. In addition to photos of the actress wrote a Grand news, which was shared with the readers of the news.

"Finally started back. Exactly 10 weeks left before the birth of a new member of our family. It's so exciting, but together with this awesomely! I hope that our experience with 1 daughter, ever Gabo will help us. At the moment I have a perfect weight for pregnant women at this time. I am very careful and try not to gain too much because it's bad for me and for the baby. I am extremely proud of myself that I managed not to gain extra pounds, as it was my 1st pregnancy I weighed 75 kg)", " own story Milla Jovovich.

Further, the model began to speculate on what is trying to control weight to the same as after birth plans soon to return to filming the next part of the franchise "resident evil". She immediately noted that he does not accept diets in its own interesting position. We are talking only about healthy eating. Jovovich confessed that every day makes him a smoothie, controls the size of the "white" foods: bread, rice and other grains, replacing them with whole grain products, and doing long walks. For example, the numbers on her phone meant that it was more than 20 km in 2 hours. And the model is not going to stop. She wants every day to make reports on their own page about how it monitors the state of health, to encourage private act other future moms. With all this sex of their 2 baby Milla prefers not to disclose.

Remember about your own interesting position Jovovich said subscribers in the social network Facebook. "All good Monday! At first I thought to write about how I'm worried about the journey to Cape town, South Africa, where he will begin shooting "resident evil: the Last part". But... My blessed Paul and I just learned that the expected 2 baby!" - shared their joy actress.

According to her statement, she and her husband, the famous film Director Paul Anderson, decided to suspend the shooting of the next part of the franchise until such time as she will not give birth. In conclusion, Hollywood actress thanked all for only began work on the painting and announced that it would meet with the team next summer. "I hope the reunion will happen, including the newest member of our little family!" said happy Jovovich.

Source: The secret of harmony Jovovich pregnant

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