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The wife of billionaire died in the intensive care unit

The former capital of the secular lioness found under the bed in its own housing. Naked lady unconscious with multiple bruises found under the bed of her friend.

The death of the former wife of an oligarch and mother of three children Yana Pregowski rocked the capital. The lady who previously lived a luxurious life, was found unconscious under the bed in the Metropolitan housing in Zhulebino. On the body Yana was a large number of bruises. In this form of the secular lioness found a friend who called the ambulance.

After 3 days 41-year-old Prieska died in the intensive care unit 67 hospitals. Health workers diagnosed ladies closed craniocerebral trauma and acute violation of cerebral circulation, tells Super.ru. Around the death of the once brightest representatives of the Russian elite, immediately appeared a large number of rumors and myths. Many attribute her death from alcoholism.

Note that the beautiful life beautiful blonde ended a couple of years ago, after she divorced from their own wealthy spouse. Remember that Jan Prieska was married to a successful Russian businessman Yevgeny Frolov. According to some, the organizer of the gap she began Jan. In Metropolitan coterie was rumored that in order to escape from the luxury of a spouse, the lady decided in consequence of difficulties with the strong drinks and emotional disorders.

Long before the divorce Jan liked to drink, its multiple friends told that, while on vacation, morning Pregowski not rarely began with champagne. Moreover, in conversations with friends, wife of billionaire has admitted that he does not love her husband and she shared details of his own novels on the side. According to some data, specifically those Hobbies the fairer sex have caused the collapse of the family. In consequence of the large houses with luxurious Jan was forced to move in a shabby flat in Zhulebino, where, and continued her social downfall.

Their people Pregowski report that losing a spouse, she moved in a residential area of the city of Moscow and got a boyfriend that sold multiple jewels and climbed into the huge debts. With all this on the premises of the former "Rublevsky wife there were no raids, and the lady during the robbery was sleep clonidine and other psychotropic substances. Over time Prieska lost their livelihood and were forced to take cash from turned away from her friends.

Together with this, the doctors stated at Pregowski hepatitis C on the background of chronic alcoholism. On the death of former wife of billionaire immediately learned all together. Ex-girlfriend Yana in social networks has announced its own condolences, but they all admit that they stopped communicating with Pregowski about 2 years ago and about a serious condition Yana knew nothing.

Source: The wife of billionaire died in the intensive care unit

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The wife of billionaire died in the intensive care unit -  Знаменитости The wife of billionaire died in the intensive care unit шоу бизнес последние эротические фотографии  эротика лучшие
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