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Mother blames for the death Pregowski her friends

The mother of the deceased ex-socialite Yana Pregowski announced in an interview that selfish girlfriend deliberately doted her daughter to strong drinks. If they wanted to steal her money and jewels.

Lyudmila Prieska confessed that the last time didn't talk with her daughter. This seemed to let her friend Evelyn Kabirov Taisiya Balaeva, and Marianne Tretyakov. "It turned out that John was seriously ill in recent months, and all my attempts to talk to her were in vain - her communication with me was limited so-called girlfriend. Eva and Tasia took advantage of her weak condition, had to open a business and has collected 1.5 million rubles. Then slowly dragged all her jewels, clothes and coats. They still promise me a refund, but so far no one has returned," - said the mother of the deceased Life News.

When Jan left without cash, she went to live on a removable housing in Zhulebino. While the keys were not only she, but also her friends. By the way, specifically Evelina and found 6 February lying unconscious Brieskow, and then caused a medical emergency. Words of the mother of the deceased adopted and another friend Yana Elvira. She said that Eva and she was next to a socialite last 2 years and seems directly at this time, the lady began to suffer from severe alcohol dependence. Also, as stated by Elvira, data girlfriend passed in Lombard sable fur coat Yana for 300 thousand dollars and was taken to the opening of the showroom 1.5 million rubles, later announcing the failure of the project.

"Go on prestigious commissions trading centers everywhere Ioannina things. It is because of a friend there they were passed. Surely you know that in the pawnshop handed her coat, watch a million dollars, and her former friend by the name of Ruslan stole her 2 bags Hermes," said Elvira. The writer immediately found the necessary second-hand shop, where Prieska passed for the implementation of own expensive outfits. However in recent months, according to the shop staff, things former socialite actually brought 1 of her friends. "In the beginning of August and September there came a woman. On behalf of Kabirov, it seems. We have a lot of things Yana, all clothes here. Now don't know who to give it to him," - said in a shopping center.

Themselves girlfriends Pregowski categorically deny the selfish motives of friendship and recognize that became friends with her to save her from alcohol dependence. Just Evelina Kabirov together with Marianne Tretyakova revealed Jan death in her living space and called the doctors. "We went into the house - she was lying under the bed... Immediately summoned medical personnel, it is often this has happened. We first became friends with her, trying to help and to rescue it from the harmful affection, but, sadly, she continued to drink. Of course, Ian is addicted to gorgeous life, because she personally sold all existing things," said Tretyakov.

Source: Mother blames for the death Pregowski her friends

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Mother blames for the death Pregowski her friends -  Знаменитости Mother blames for the death Pregowski her friends шоу бизнес последние эротические фотографии  эротика лучшие
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