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photo Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)

Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)

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Biography Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
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 Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)

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  • Irina Alyudina for Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • Patrick is very talented actor. I'd like to know about it for more!
  • SHARE for Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • I would like to have in their film library series North-South
  • hrisaada for Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • Dear Patrick I am quite confident that you all will be fine. I respect you as an actor and as a man who is not looking at that does not give up. I hope I will be able to view movies with your participation. Thanks. Mariya.Spasibo that you have
  • Alena for Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • is a very good actor, moylyubimy actor, when I learned that it is no more, I felt rloha, he played amazing, because of him I, too zanemalas in dance, dream dance with him, Patrick is the best
  • Katya for Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • I love Patrick! Magnificent man! Insanely talented, . stunningly beautiful and sexy! Every film with his participation, a masterpiece! "constantly reviewed" Dirty Dancing "and the dream be in place Baby =) look at" Reduction "and constantly weep!" No words, some emotions!,
  • Ludmila for Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • Great actors! He has so many fans, . that their love was supposed to save his life! Very, very sorry, . that not everything in our power ... He is a true star! From his heroes comes warmth and love of life, . that simply do not compare with anyone!,
  • Evgenia for Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • Something I can not understand - Girls, . you what it was already buried? tepun your tongue! Patrick is still alive! and will always be alive - even when the leaves, . will live in our hearts and memories! Patrick Swayze is really a great actor - not so many famous films with his participation, . but his role - just shine! A Dirty Dancing in its participation - a film for all time! and no second, . fifth and the tenth part, and not approach close to this masterpiece of the genre!,
  • Marina for Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • The best actor in the world! Thanks Eugene for your comment. I wish you Patrick and your beautiful Lisa noted Golden Jubilee anniversary of your wedding. You are very beautiful couple! HEALTH TO YOU!
  • Elena for Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • amazing actor and singer, film Dirty Dancing, roadside cafe, looking every year and several times, for 8 years, just admire this man
  • Vadim for Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • Brilliant actor! He remains in our hearts, Forever! Patrick did not smear himself questionable shootings in the "erotic" magazines, scandals with him we did not hear it - not that other modern "actors". On the crest of a wave - my favorite film with his participation. Dance - also a very good movie. 90% of today's movies and the actors themselves mired in the mud, so it's a good stay with us!
  • Vadim for Patrick Swayze (Swayze Patric)
  • All the boys thank you for what you leave your comments here. This is - another proof that the best actors never die!
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