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BOLTON, Michael (Michael Bolton)

( Musical Performer)

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Biography BOLTON, Michael (Michael Bolton)
photo BOLTON, Michael (Michael Bolton)
Michael Bolton (real name Michael Bolotin) was born February 26, 1953, New Shelter, Connecticut, USA.

. His first single he recorded in the firm Epic in 1968, but the debut album appeared in 1975, his record was attended by Bernard Purdy, David Sanborn and seyshnmen Wayne Perkins
. Reviews of the record had been restrained, although the criticism and noted the apparent similarity of votes Bolton and Joe Cocker.

. In the late 70's Michael Bolton accepted an invitation to hard-rock band Black-jack, and some time was the lead vocalist of the team - despite the fact, . Black-jack that produced the experienced Tom Dowd, . worked with David Bowie, . Eric Clapton and The Allman Brothers Band, . and master-class, Eddie Offord, . two plate groups went largely unnoticed,
. After the collapse of Blackjack guitarist Bruce Kyulik joined the team of Billy Squier, drummer Sandy Dzhenarro joined the Pat Travers Band, and bass guitarist Jim Heslip became a session musician. Michael Bolton has signed a contract with Columbia Records and returned to his solo career.

. Initially, Bolton has achieved success as a composer - his song 'How Am I Supposed To Live Without You', written with Doug James, became a hit in 1983, Laura Brennigen
. In the next few years he supplied songs for Cher, Barbra Streisand and several other stars. Bolton has achieved worldwide success in the late 1990's, having won the top U.S. charts and won several awards Grammy for the cover versions of soul hits of the sixties, such as 'When a Man Loves a Woman'.

. In his solo works of Bolton was guided by the melodic hard rock, . and the first success came to him only in 1987 after the release of the album 'The Hunger', . which was a tough soul ballad 'That's What Love Is All About', . immediately entered the U.S. Top 20,
. Since then, many things turn out to Bolton in the hit parade, as a rule, it is quite simple and luscious soul ballads, that in no way diminishes the merits of the composer musician.

. The new arrangement 'How Am I Supposed To Live Without You' also reached the charts included in the hit parade and a few other love songs Bolton, in particular, 'How Can We Be Lovers',' Love Is A Wonderful Thing 'and' Time , Love And Tenderness'.

. Despite the extraordinary vocal artist, his passion for perepevkam angered purists soul music, which called for a boycott of his books and listen to classic hits, but not boltonovsky 'surrogate'
. Bolton's last major hit, 'Said I Loved You: But I Lied', was released in 1994, and two months later, Bolton's work was the subject of loud trial.

. In 1994, the U.S. federal court found that the pop singer Michael Bolton and "borrowed" for his 1991 hit "Love is a Wonderful Thing" material of the same name lyrics brothers Isle in 1966, ie
. guilty of plagiarism.

Bolton insisted that neither he nor his co-author, Andrew Goldmark not heard songs brothers Isle before you write your own, but was unable to convince the judges. They agreed that Bolton and Goldmark had the opportunity to hear the song predecessor. Moreover, it was found, . that two songs are "five common defining elements" including such important elements for Hit, . as a "hook" (musical phrase-chorus, . the listener can sing to himself and to which song, . proper, . remembered) and "fading" - the last phrase lyrics, . repeated with decreasing volume,

. In 2001, the U.S. Supreme Court ordered the transfer of Ronaldo Bolton and Marvin Isle, two-thirds past, present and future income from the sale of single songs, and 28 percent of the revenues from the sale of the album Time, Love and Tenderness, which included this song
. In monetary terms, said Ananova.com, it is 6.25 million dollars - not counting future income.

Michael Bolton (Bolotin) began his musical career as a hard rock vocalist. However, . switching in 1987 to coul heartfelt ballads, . he acquired in this genre is the true glory thanks to their powerful, . with a distinct individual voice - and "controversial" song "Love is a Wonderful Thing" played a significant role in this.,

. In the late 90's Mike Bolton became a successful act together with Pavarotti at his charity concerts and include in their albums this opera arias.


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  • BOLTON, Michael (Michael Bolton)

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BOLTON, Michael (Michael Bolton)BOLTON, Michael (Michael Bolton)BOLTON, Michael (Michael Bolton)BOLTON, Michael (Michael Bolton)

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