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FUND Peter (Fonda Peter)

( Actor)

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Biography FUND Peter (Fonda Peter)
photo FUND Peter (Fonda Peter)
Born on 23.2.1940 in New York, the son of Henry Fonda and brother of Jane.
While studying at the University of Omaha, Peter played in the active play "Harvey" and won praise father. Then he dropped out, went to New York, where he appeared on Broadway in "Blood, Sweat and Stanley Poole". In the film debuted in 1963. in the movie "Tammy and the Doctor" D. Keller, in which he plays "a guy from a neighboring house" - an ordinary, honest and solid young man. This was largely an imitation of a parent who often acted in similar roles in youth. But times have changed. And that was a success in the thirties, no longer held in the sixties. Moreover, although Peter and was like a father (though less than his sister), his charm, he did not have.
Fame came to him only in the fifth film - "Wild Angels" P. Korca (1966), the director, just caught the rebellious spirit of the sixties. The hero, Peter, nicknamed "God's Blues, was dressed in black leather, never removed his dark glasses, as if rooted to the bike, leading a gang of youths, which lay scattered on the road, scaring the townsfolk his extravagant appearance and senseless cruelty. This image began to work actor string of young rebels "without cause", dissatisfied with the existing order of things, but a challenge for society only morally, ethically. Traditional values such as he preferred to complete their absence, the freedom of sexual relations, alcoholism, drugs.
Not surprisingly, the hero of his next film "Journey" of the same diet (1967) showed the feelings of a young man who took drug dose: from total ecstasy to the limit of horror. Graduate same point of the image of the young troublemakers, has no political goals, was nicknamed Uayat Captain America, from the movie "Easy Rider" D. Hopper (1969), where the Fund is not only performed one of the two main roles (the second - the director), but also acted as co-author of the script and producer, giving the money to stage pictures. Realistic images of two boys, . transporting drugs and killed in a small town only a difference from its inhabitants, . TSB largely discredited policy postulates theorists counterculture of "revolution with the help of consciousness", . that supposedly was to carry out the youth in the U.S.,
Set the youth protest movement in the early seventies put an end to the heyday of creativity n. Funds. Perhaps the only way of Ken in "Open Season" British director P. Kolinsona (1974) - a veteran of the Vietnam War who is used to kill and started the hunt for the people in America, remember the audience. Others were expressionless. He played the military mercenaries ( "Order of murderers", 1975, "fighting for pay", 1988), paid "killers" ( "assassin", 1971), guys that have come to grips with mystical powers ( "Racing with the Devil", 1975 ) and others, who did not have much success. As, however, and his director's experience: "assassin", "Transplantation in Idaho" (1975), "Wanda Nevada" (1979). In recent years, P. Foundation is often removed in television movies ( "indifferent", 1988, "Sound", 1989, Italy, etc.).
From 1961 to 1974. was married to Susan Brewer, which has brought up two daughters: one of them - Bridget - also became a movie actress. After their divorce he married Becky Croquet.

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FUND Peter (Fonda Peter), photo, biography
FUND Peter (Fonda Peter), photo, biography FUND Peter (Fonda Peter)  Actor, photo, biography
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