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Alfred Schnittke Garrievich (Alfred Schnittke)

( Composer.)

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Biography Alfred Schnittke Garrievich (Alfred Schnittke)
photo Alfred Schnittke Garrievich (Alfred Schnittke)
Russia's prominent composer, author of many symphonies and music to more than 60 films. State Prize laureate Krupskaya (1986), Honored Artist of the RSFSR. In May 1981 he was elected a member of the West Berlin Academy of Arts, . July 1986 - corresponding member of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts, . in May 1987 - Foreign Member of the Royal Swedish Academy, . in 1989 - a member of the Hamburg Academy,
. In 1989. he was awarded `Nika` - Prize of the USSR Union of Cinematographers in 1992, Japanese and German Prize. In 1993 he was awarded Rossiyskogo independent fund `` Triumph of the highest achievements in the field of Russia's art in recent years.
born November 24, 1934 on the banks of the Volga in the Saratov region, in the city of Engels. Learn music, he began in 1946 in Vienna, where his father worked as a journalist and translator. The family returned to Moscow in 1948, where Alfred graduated from the School of Music in piano. In 1953 he entered the Moscow Conservatory, the Tchaikovsky, where he studied with EK Golubev, and graduated from it in 1958. Three years later, in 1961, Alfred Schnittke completed his postgraduate studies at the Conservatory, composition class and began teaching. The composer has created ballets 'Labyrinths', . `` Sketches, . `Peer Gynt ', . Opera 'The Eleventh Commandment' and `Life with an Idiot ', . theatrical song `Yellow Sound ', . `Requiem ', . several cantatas, . five symphonies, . Concerto Grosso, and many other musical works,
. In 1980 his symphonic music became well known internationally, it includes in its repertoire the world's leading artists - Gideon Kremer, Michael Rostropovich, Yuri Bashmet, Gennady Rozhdestvensky.
Although the music for the film, Alfred Schnittke began writing in 1961 - the first time his music was heard in the cinema film `entry`, - in this work, he actively started after 1972, when he was forced to withdraw from the Union of Composers. He has composed music for more than sixty films, . including - `You and I` and `ascent` Larissa Shepitko, . `A Tale about that, . as Tsar Peter Moor married `, . `Crew`, . `` The Tale of Wanderings Alexander Mitta, . `And yet I believe` Mikhail Romm, . `Little` tragedy of Michael Schweitzer, . `Agony ', . `Farewell 'and' Sport, . Sports, . Sports `Elema Klimova,
. Another interesting point was the composer's collaboration with the director-animator Andrei Khrzhanovsky. In 1990, Alfred Schnittke went to work in Germany, at first - in Berlin, then in Hamburg. In the second half of 1990 the composer's health deteriorated, and on Aug. 3, 1998 Alfred Schnittke died in Hamburg. He was buried in Moscow, the Novodevichy cemetery.

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    Alfred Schnittke Garrievich (Alfred Schnittke), photo, biography
    Alfred Schnittke Garrievich (Alfred Schnittke), photo, biography Alfred Schnittke Garrievich (Alfred Schnittke)  Composer., photo, biography
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