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Max von Sydow

( Actor)

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Biography Max von Sydow
photo Max von Sydow
Sydow (Sydow) Max von (p. 10. 04. 1929), Swedish film and theater actor. Real Name - Carl Adolf.
Born in Lund. In 1951 he graduated from the Actors Studio with the theater 'Dramaten' in Stockholm, later played on its stage, and in other theaters of Sweden. Theater asset Sydow is extensive and includes starring roles in 'Peer Gynt' G. Ibsen's 'Misanthrope' J.-B. Moliere, 'Prafauste' And. V. Goethe (all - in the formulation and. Bergman).
In the film debuted at A. SjцTberg in the movie 'Just my mother' (Bare En Mor, 1948), then played in removing them as adaptation of the drama A. Strindberg's 'Miss Julie' (Miss Julie, 1950). Turning point in the actor's film career was performing part of the Knight in Bergman's philosophical tragedy 'Seventh Seal' (Det Sjunde Inseglet, . 1956), . embodying unstoppable quest author finite answers to fundamental questions of human existence on earth,
. Becoming, . essentially, . second 'I' Bergman-philosopher, . Sydow continues the search in the film 'Face' (Ansiktet, . 1958), . 'The Virgin Spring' (Jungfrukallan, . 1959), . 'As in a mirror' (Sasom I En Spegel, . 1960), . 'Communion' (1962), . 'Hour of the Wolf' (Vargtimmen, . 1967), . 'Passion' (1968),
. Perhaps the highest triumph Sydow was the role of musician John Rosenberg in the movie, dystopian 'Shame' (Skammen, 1967), with astonishing force demonstrated to the degradation awesome personality under the onslaught of anti-human environment. No less convincing actor in episodic roles, . such as the role of the owner of a petrol station in 'strawberry field' (Smultronstallet, . 1957); elderly craftsman in the film 'On the threshold of life' (Nara Livet, . 1957), husband of the protagonist in 'Touch' (Beroringen, . 1970), . speaking, . usually, . Role of the faithful in his human and moral duty Maximalists.,
. Working with Bergman provided Sydow strong international recognition
. In the 60-80-ies he was withdrawn in different countries of Europe and the United States in the mid 70's touring Broadway. His foreign kinorepertuar is huge, but qualitatively unequal: in addition to work in the film F. Rosi, such as 'illustrious dead' (Cadaveri Eccellenti, 1976),. Zurlini 'Desert Tartar' (Le Desert Des Tartares / Il Deserto Dei Tartari, 1976), A. Mikhailova-Konchalovsky's "Duet for Soloist '(Duet For One, 1986),. Wenders ( "Until the very end of the world '(Until The End Of The World, . 1991), . lot in it and 'migratory' roles, . owe their existence has developed around the individual actor after 'the seventh seal' 'metaphysical halo'; among them - the role in 'The Exorcist' (The Exorcist, . 1973) have,
. Friedkin and its continuation (director J. Burman, 1977) or 'Steppenwolf' - maloudachnoy adaptation of the same novel G. Hesse, carried out by J. Heyns (Steppenwolf, 1974). But in them he is the highest class professional.
The period of late success Sydow include roles in two films B. Augusta: "Pelle the Conqueror '(Pelle Erobreren, based on a novel M. Andersen Nexo, 1988) and 'good intentions' (Goda Viljan, Den, 1991) (on the autobiographical novel of the same name and. Bergman), where he has to play the grandfather of the famous Swedish kinomastera. In 1988, debuted at the Film Directing career, putting the film 'Katinka' / 'On the road'.

Page Sydow M. in "universal encyclopedia" on megaportals "Cyril and Methodius". Biography, picture.

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Max von Sydow, photo, biography
Max von Sydow, photo, biography Max von Sydow  Actor, photo, biography
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