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Hamid Hamid Mustafaevich

( Chairman of the Savings Bank of the Republic of Dagestan, Makhachkala.)

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Biography Hamid Hamid Mustafaevich
Date of Birth: June 6, 1954.
He graduated from Dagestan State University named after VI Lenin, economist. The athlete, a master of sports of the USSR in wrestling. Candidate of Economic Sciences.
Member of the International Academy of Sciences of San Marino. Author of a monograph on the banking and credit business.
State Duma. District Bujnakskij N10, Dagestan.
He was a member of New Regional Policy.
Member, Committee on Budget, Taxes, Banks and Finance (Sub-Committee on Budget System and extrabudgetary funds).
Hamidov was born in 1954.
He worked as a milling machine, served in the Army Sovestky.
He graduated from the Economics Faculty, Dagestan State University.
Organized Commercial Bank Elbin ". He worked as chairman of its board.
In 1992 he was appointed deputy chief of the Central Bank of Russia on Dagestan.
On his initiative, organized by the Islamic Charitable Fund.
He is currently chairman of the Dagestan Savings Bank of Russia.
President, Federation of boxing and freestyle wrestling in Dagestan, president of soccer club Dinamo, city of Makhachkala.
In November 1993, Gamidov was nominated for deputy DG of Buynakskiy electoral district N 10, Republic Dagestan.Vsego run for the District 10 candidates. By the time of voting the remaining 7. The turnout 72,98% of voters.
Hamidov received 43,7% of voters who took part in the voting.
He was a member of New Regional Policy.
Member, Committee on Budget, Taxes, Banks and Finance (Sub-Committee on Budget System and extrabudgetary funds).
Political views, position:
In the pre-election program upheld the position of unity with Russia Dagestan.
At the same time advocated the economic and cultural revival of Dagestan.
I am sure that pull Dagestan from the economic gap is only possible with the help of Western investment and technology.
Insists on the development of projects with Western firms on a parity basis of at least $ 30 million. Such, for example, as a project for exploration in the area Ahtynskom copper ore deposit.
I am confident that we can not prevent the outflow of Russian Dagestan. This calls for legislation to guarantee the interests of the Russian.
Election program Gamidov headed Edmont Murey-adviser campaign of President Bill Clinton.

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  • Alexei for Hamid Hamid Mustafaevich
  • Hamidov Hamid Mustafaevich was killed Aug. 20, 1996 in crossfire.
  • Uvarov for Hamid Hamid Mustafaevich
  • Hamidov died Aug. 20, 1996, in the morning, when approached the Ministry of Finance. Parked car exploded near. The blast was so powerful that were injured people at a respectful distance from the entrance to the Ministry. The Minister, instead of quickly proceed to the office, stopped at the entrance to listen to some woman. Blown up by the Minister and located next to the people assembled in parts. Gamidov was an excellent financier, a workaholic, capable organizer. He was bold, courageous, self-confident. Those who had blocked him, surely, was an experienced and cunning.
  • dag for Hamid Hamid Mustafaevich
  • i ubil ego Said Ammirov (Dgaparov Said) Mer goroda Mahkachkala.
  • magomed for Hamid Hamid Mustafaevich
  • VSE SNAUT KTO UBIL gamida.eto bil odin is poryadochnich ludei DAGESTANA. Onj bil CHELOVEK s bolishoi bukvi. Kto nibudi ostanovit etogo ubizu DAGESTANA-saida amirova ili net.a fsb i mvd, . prokuratura i rossiskoe pravitelistvo delaut vid chto nichego ne proischodit.,
  • Anonymous for Hamid Hamid Mustafaevich
  • amir did not do it! Do not write nonsense, the murderer's grandfather!
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    Hamid Hamid Mustafaevich, photo, biography
    Hamid Hamid Mustafaevich, photo, biography Hamid Hamid Mustafaevich  Chairman of the Savings Bank of the Republic of Dagestan, Makhachkala., photo, biography
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