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KOTENKO Alexander

( Presidential Envoy in the State Duma)

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Biography KOTENKO Alexander
Born September 23, 1952 g.Krasnodarsky Region
In 1974 he graduated with honors from the Rostov Institute of Agricultural Engineering
In 1988 he graduated with honors with honors from the Correspondence School Military-Political Academy. V. I. Lenin
. In 1993 graduated with honors from the Faculty of Law in the same Academy
. Honorary Lawyer of Russia, Candidate of Legal Sciences
. Has the rank of Major General
. Master of Sport - the vice-president of the Federation of sailing, the repeated champion of Russia
. President of the Federation of sailing the Rostov region, Vice-President of the All Sailing Federation
. He was awarded the medal "For Distinction in Protection of State Border"
. 1974 - 1975 i.i
. - Engineer-technologist at the factory 'Rubin' in Rostov on Don
07.1975 g. - Was called up for military service in Soviet Army
. On the recommendation of the Party Committee was an officer, a political worker, . more than 10 years was deputy commander for political affairs of the tank battalion and a tank regiment (5 years served in the Trans-Baikal Military District, . then in the North, . 1986 he served in the Far East),
. 1988 - 90 i.i
. - Political commissar of the garrison in Birobidzhan, Jewish Autonomous Region
1990. - Was elected deputy of the RSFSR. It was as secretary of the armed forces of Russia under the legislation, a member of the commission to comply with regulations Sun 09.1993 g. - Resigned
08.1991 g. - Deputy Chairman of the committee armed forces of Russia on Defense and Security
01.1992 g. - Deputy Chief of the GPU
05.1992 g. - Head of the GPU
. He was a member of the Commission on the declassification of documents of the CPSU
. Took an active part in the meetings of Russia's Constitutional Court on the ban of the Communist Party as one of the representatives of the President
. Was among the sponsors of the application before the Constitutional Court ruling on the constitutionality of the Armed Forces, which the latter picked up his charge in the newspaper Izvestia
. 12.1992 g
. - 03.1993 g. - Deputy head, then - head of the interim administration of the zone of the Ossetian-Ingush conflict
04.1993 g. - 12.1993 g. - Headed the State-Legal Department of the Presidential Administration
10.1993 g. - Participated in the founding conference headed by Sergei Shakhrai Party of Russia's unity and harmony (PRES), elected a member of the Federal Council
16.12.1993 r. - Dismissed from his post as head of the GPU
1994 - 1996 i.i. - Deputy Minister for Nationalities and Regional Policy
1995. - Secretary of State, member of the Mission of the Government of the Federal Assembly of Russia
07.02.1996 r. - Appointed representative of RF President in the State Duma of RF
Presidential Decree of 15 January 1998 was introduced to the Joint Commission for the Coordination of legislative activity
06. 2000. - Presidential Representative in the State Duma

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KOTENKO Alexander, photo, biography
KOTENKO Alexander, photo, biography KOTENKO Alexander  Presidential Envoy in the State Duma, photo, biography
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