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Joseph Diskin Evgenjevich

( Deputy Director of the Institute for Socio-Economic Studies of Population Russia Academy of Sciences.)

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Biography Joseph Diskin Evgenjevich
After serving in the army (1971-1972) worked as a senior engineer at the Moscow Institute of National Economy, . Jr., . and then a senior researcher at the Moscow Research and Design Institute of systems of network planning and management of the USSR Ministry of Equipment,
In the years 1974-1982 - Senior Researcher, Head of Sector, Head of Department at the State Library of. Lenin.
In 1977 he defended his thesis on "Use of pattern recognition in the management of organizational systems"
. From 1982 to 1988 headed the department of economic and mathematical modeling in the research laboratory of the State Institute "Giproteatr" USSR Ministry of Culture, . and 1988 and currently manages the laboratory of socio-economic problems of culture in the Institute of Socio-Economic Studies of Population Russia Academy of Sciences (RAS),
In 1990 he defended his doctoral thesis on "Socio-economic problems of culture and the media".
Deputy Chairman of the Scientific Council of RAS on the complex problem of social and cultural development.
Was a member of the All-Russia "Update" - a political party created in May 1992 on the initiative of Russia's Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, led by Arkady Volsky. Since April 1992, was a member of the Organizing Committee of the Party. Following the adoption by the Conference, "Updates" in the September 1992 amendments to the statute was a member of the Party and the Presidency of the Council.
Since July 1992, was a member of the Political Consultative Council of Civil Union, a collective member of which was to "update". As one of the closest political advisers Volsky, participated in the development of a number of important documents, "Updates" and the Civil Union.
According to him, a supporter of the liberal-conservative views.
Supports the draft Constitution of Russia, adopted by the Constitutional Commission of the Congress of People's Deputies of Russia. Gives priority to the rights of the nation and the state over human rights. The ideal of government considers a presidential republic, but with a strong parliament that can prevent the transformation of presidential power in the sole.
Negative refers to such social movements as "Democratic Russia", union "Democratic Choice" and the Front for National Salvation. Among the most impressed with his political calling Alexander Rutskoi, Nicholas Travkina, Arkady Volsky. His attitude towards the government of Yegor Gaidar, defined as "constructive opposition". In December 1992, believed that a good candidate for the post of head of Russia's government could be Rutskoi.
Sharply criticized for privatization vouchers, believing that it can really create that "lumpen-owners, unable to increase production efficiency and management. The most acceptable in his view, a hybrid option of privatization, involving both the sale of state property at auction, and the transfer of labor collectives.
In favor of the regulation of prices for fuel and energy resources and basic food, for indexation of wages to workers of budgetary sphere.
In the CIS, sees the basis of the future union of the type of "Common Market" and the initial form of a new federal or confederal state. The boundaries between the countries of the CIS, in its opinion, may vary.
Considers that the Southern Kuriles should remain part of Russia.
Most, in his view, the acceptable status of Crimea - the republic of Ukraine.

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Joseph Diskin Evgenjevich, photo, biography
Joseph Diskin Evgenjevich, photo, biography Joseph Diskin Evgenjevich  Deputy Director of the Institute for Socio-Economic Studies of Population Russia Academy of Sciences., photo, biography
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