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Mikhail V. Shmakov

( President of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia.)

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Biography Mikhail V. Shmakov

Born August 12, 1949 has two higher education, in 1972 graduated from Moscow Higher Technical School of. Bauman. Speaks German.
In the years 1966-1972, Mikhail Shmakov, studied at the Moscow Higher School tehnicheskome Bauman at the Department of Energy Engineering.
After graduating from college he worked in the defense industry - Central Research Institute of Automation and Hydraulics - an engineer, lead engineer. He was engaged in testing of missile technology, participated in the development of several missile systems, including the "Oka".
In 1986, Shmakov went on union work: he was elected Chairman of the Municipal Committee of Defense Industry Workers' Union. Since 1988. headed the Bureau of the Central Committee of the union in Moscow
. In 1990, after the election of the then chairman of the Moscow City Council of Trade Unions (MGSPS), Vladimir Shcherbakov deputy chairman of All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions (the All) Shmakov was one of the four candidates for the vacant position,
. He won elections held Conference of Trade Unions in Moscow and became chairman MGSPS.
In December 1990, the founding conference of the Moscow Federation of Trade Unions Shmakov was elected its chairman.
Delegate XVIII Congress of the All, as well as the XIX Congress of Trade Unions of the USSR (23-27 October 1990), which was formed the General Confederation of Trade Unions (MAC) of the USSR. He was elected a member of the Communist Party. At the plenum of the Communist Party on Nov. 30, 1990, was elected chairman of the committee on the legislative initiative and human rights work.
Represented MFP Council FNPR. At its 12 th Plenary Session of the Council FNPR (May 1992) spoke of the group "opposition" - trade unions, members of the FNPR - demanding the resignation of Igor Klochkova of the "pro-government stance and reluctance to raise the status of sectoral trade unions in the Federation,
. After some time adjusting the position Klochkova softened differences between them, but not eliminate them before the end of.
Following the resignation of Igor Klochkova's resignation as chairman FNPR, in early October 1993 was elected as Acting Chairman. In late October, at an extraordinary congress II FNPR Shmakov delivered the keynote. Proposed that the transition to a confederal structure FNPR principle, which would mean strengthening the role of sectoral trade unions. Also proposed to change the name (among the options - All-Russia Confederation of Trade Unions, Vserossiykaya Confederation of Labor). Most of the proposals in the vote fails. At the suggestion Shmakova FNPR decided not to participate in the elections as a whole, the industry trade unions were invited to participate in the elections to form their own trade union bloc in Parliament. The Congress Shmakov was elected Chairman of FNPR.

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Mikhail V. Shmakov, photo, biography
Mikhail V. Shmakov, photo, biography Mikhail V. Shmakov  President of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia., photo, biography
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