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( President TatTsIKa in the 30th years)

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Biography Baichurin Gumer GILYAZETDINOVICH
photo Baichurin Gumer GILYAZETDINOVICH
Gumer Gilyazetdinovich Baichurin was born in 1890 in the village Average Mesha Tyulyachinskogo district of Tatarstan in the family of a poor peasant. As a boy he always helped his father. In 1906 he left his father's house, working at various companies.
In September 1915 Baichurin was called up for military service, and in early 1916 sent to Germany's Front, where he had seen the suffering of their brothers in the class. Since Baichurin was among the soldiers only competent and knowledgeable Russian language (he graduated Zemstvo service), he often stood up for them, helped them write letters explaining the nature of the war unleashed by the imperialists.
. After the February Revolution, the soldiers unanimously elected him a member of the regimental soldiers' committee, then a platoon commander
. In October 1917 Baichurin arrived in Kazan in the 95 th regiment, in the days of the fighting took part in the disarmament of the cadets. In 1918 he became a member of the Communist Party and appointed head of the school to prepare young officers' quarters for the Red Army. Participated in the Civil War.
. In connection with the unfolded development work on the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic Baichurin was sent to Kazan, was appointed political director of special company when the Revolutionary Committee.
. In the early 20's, when a famine broke out in the country, were taken emergency measures to preserve existing state and collective farms
. The best workers were sent to the cantons to provide assistance to agriculture. Baichurin was appointed manager of the farm Kulaevskmm Arsky Canton. In a short time at the farm were built dining room and club. The club has worked agrokruzhki, amateur.
Experience Kulaevskom State Farm use to him when he became director tatsovhoztresta. From February 1925 to June 1927 activity Gumer Gilyazetdinovicha was associated with Mensah Nolinsk Canton, . where he was elected chairman kantispolkoma, . but then the executive secretary of the Communist Party kantkoma (6). With his participation in all cantons were held elections to the soviets, . as well as in Consumer,
. Menzelinsk Canton farmers to reach the consumers out of the leading.
. Bright page in the biography Baichurin is his work in the years 1927-1934 in the organs of the party-state control of the republic chairman of the Regional Control Commission and the People's Commissariat of RCTs TASSR
. His greatest achievement in the integration of the working masses in the work of RCTs, . was arranged production of "Pages RCT", . where they reveal serious shortcomings in the Soviet and economic apparatus, . requisite skills of public administration and supervise the work of the Soviet authorities.,
. In December 1934, when Baichurin nominated for the post of chairman of the CEC of Tatarstan, he was already a mature party worker and knew the life of the republic and its workers.
. Draft Constitution of 1926 remained unapproved and not the force of the Law of the Republic CORE
. Development of a new draft of the Constitution of Tatarstan has started in Baichurin. Constitutional Commission, formed in 1936, the project invited the Bureau of the CEC TASSR make it to public discussion. After two months of debate, amendments and final form, June 25, 1937 XI Congress of Soviets TASSR unanimously adopted a draft Constitution.
. Unreasonably repressed in the case of "counter-revolutionary Trotskyite-nationalist terrorist organization", was posthumously rehabilitated.

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Baichurin Gumer GILYAZETDINOVICH, photo, biography
Baichurin Gumer GILYAZETDINOVICH, photo, biography Baichurin Gumer GILYAZETDINOVICH  President TatTsIKa in the 30th years, photo, biography
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