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Tunney, James Joseph

( Athlete, Boxer)

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Biography Tunney, James Joseph
photo Tunney, James Joseph
(25 May 1897)
childhood he was interested in boxing and seeing this, his father, a longshoreman in the port, gave the gloves to his son, 10-th anniversary. The boy began to play sports in children's sports club. James Joseph Tunney was born on May 25, 1897 in New York. From childhood he was interested in boxing and seeing this, his father, a longshoreman in the port, gave the gloves to his son, 10-th anniversary. The boy began to play sports in children's sports club.

In the age of 18 Tunneyu offered to try his hand at professional boxing. The debut was successful, he defeated an experienced boxer Bobby Daussona. In 1917 he was recruited in the U.S. Navy and served in the Expeditionary Force in France. There he becomes the champion of housing in the light heavyweight champion, and an additional battle wins the champion among the heavyweights.

In the United States Jean returned to the end of 1919 and continued his career as a professional boxer. He is winning one victory after another. In early 1922, he became champion of the U.S. light heavyweight champion, but in May, lost his title Harry Grebe. This was the last defeat of the boxer in his remarkable career.

In February 1923 Tunney Grebe toppled from the throne and once again became the champion of America's light heavyweight. Then they met each other for another three times: once won Tunney, and the two battle took place "without solutions".

In 1924, Tunney moved to the heavyweight category, where he continued through his victories. After victories over such masters of boxing, like Carpentier, Herminio Spallu and Tommy Gibbons, he began to seek a meeting with world champion Jack Dempsey.
Dempsey-Tunney fight was scheduled for September 23, 1926 and was to be held in Philadelphia. The match consisted of 10 rounds, and after them, America welcomed the new champion. He was "fighting sailor," so called journalists Tunne. All American newspapers placed on the front pages of description of the battle. The entire world press commented on it the result. The overthrow of the throne of Jack Dempsey was a loud event of the day.

Match-Dempsey-Tunney rematch was held in Chicago "Solidars-Field-Stadium, 22 September 1927 in the presence of more than 100 000 spectators. And again the darling of the public was Dempsey, but experts have bet on the tunneling. Immediately before the meeting the sum of the rates on the champion and rival balance, that was the only time in the history of meetings in the title of world champion in the heavyweight division. In the seventh round of this fight Dempsey struck the champion series of blows, after which Tunney was on the floor, but the heated battle of ex-champion still standing near the fallen enemy. Few seconds it took the referee to banish Dempsey in his corner, after which he began the countdown. At the expense of 9 "fighting sailor" vstal.Dempsi stubbornly fought until the very end, but the forces apparently left him. After he failed to seize the opportunity to finish the fight in the seventh round, he had nothing else to say, he has spent its entire arsenal ... When victory was declared tunneling, Dempsey shrugged his opponent's hand with the words: "Congratulations, Gene. It was a good fight. I did it everything you could ".
In July 1928 Tunney easily defended his title in boyuprotiv Tom Hinneya, a few days later announced his retirement. During his boxing career, he had 77 fights, won 65, including 43 by knockout, 21 in points, 1 because of the disqualification of the opponent, 1 fight ended in a draw, 9 "with no solutions, but the result of a fight was canceled. Lost it only once - Gary Grebe.
Tunney retired from boxing, having in his bank account two million dollars. And this he differed from many champions, who squandered sometimes big money earned in the ring, and happened to die in poverty. Tunney was able to put their capital advantage, and became the owner of several enterprises, which operated with great success. During the Second World War he again served in the U.S. Navy. In tunneling was a large family. One of his three cynovey become a judge, the second went to work in the oil industry, and the third, John Werikhe, made a political career and in 1970 entered the Senate.
Gene Tunney died Nov. 7, 1978 in hospital of circulatory failure at the age of 81 years.

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Tunney, James Joseph, photo, biography
Tunney, James Joseph, photo, biography Tunney, James Joseph  Athlete, Boxer, photo, biography
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