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Golushko Ivan Makarovich

( War Veteran)

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Biography Golushko Ivan Makarovich
(August 26, 1921)
IM. Golushko - USSR State Prize Laureate. He was awarded the Order of October Revolution, . Red Banner, . Red Banner of Labor, . two honors World War I degree, . two honors World War II degree, . four Orders of the Red Star, . medals "For Service to Motherland in the Armed Forces of the USSR" III degree, . Friendship, . medals "For Military Merit", . "For the Defense of Leningrad", . many other Soviet and foreign awards, . including orders and medals of Cuba, . Mongolia, . Poland, . Czechoslovakia.,
. Born August 26, 1921 in the village Narodichi Zhitomir region, in a peasant family
. Father - Golushko Makar Ivanovich (1899 - 1944), a veteran of World War II, died near Ternopil. Mother - Mary Golushko Lukinichna (1899-1977). Wife - Golushko (Ivanov) Nina (1921-1982), graduated from the Kalinin Pedagogical Institute. Second wife - Golushko (Budunova) Tatiana (1944. born.), a graduate of the Kiev Institute of Light Industry, now-retired. Daughters: Golushko Tatiana (1946. born.) graduated from the Moscow Institute of Food Industry, Engineer of the Main Military Medical Command; Golushko (Maslyuk) Irina (1951 g. born.) graduated from the Moscow Institute of Chemical Technology named after DI. Mendeleev's works in the hospital.

A few days before the start of the Great Patriotic Ivan Golushko, by the time a graduate of the Kiev tank-Technical School, was sent to the 49 th hard-Tank Regiment. And then - the war. By train young tanker with three crews got to Pskov, where it was necessary to immediately reactivated tanks, its own power to overtake them on the platform and depart on the front. But ... Not enough battery. In stock lacked some spare parts. All this has hampered the work ... When the train began to unload, the enemy was already close. Entered the order: tank cover for the withdrawal of military units of the railway tracks.

Several armored personnel occupy firing positions. In one of them - military technician rank 2 Ivan Golushko. Ahead, in a rare forest, - the enemy's gun, beating on tanks. Duel gun - the tanks ends in favor of the latter, but the shooting is now heard in the rear ...

So there was a baptism of fire by Ivan Golushko. Under cover of darkness on lined, and then repaired the tank, along with the other tank crews he managed to break through to their area of Lake Ladoga. Embarked on transport ships, the evening reached Agalatovo. Here Golushko became deputy commander of a tank company in the technical part of the 48 th of a separate tank battalion.

. From this moment until the break the siege of Leningrad in January 1943, Ivan was in the Neva Golushko task force and as deputy commander for the technical part of the 118 th Tank Battalion conducted a separate evacuation with Neva Nickel "and the subsequent maintenance of dozens of wrecked tanks, . part of which was delivered at the Leningrad plant and returned to the combat system,

Especially Ivan Makarovich memorable battle on Jan. 12, 1943, when it was finally broken through the blockade of Leningrad. In the tank the day the motto was: forward and only forward! It was necessary not only to break the enemy's resistance, . but also to distract the enemy from the main group of our troops, . who came to the bank of the Neva and seized two isolated base: 2 nd Campus - Marino and the Moscow region Dubrovki.,
. On this day Captain Golushko with a group of soldiers of repair restored battlefield lined tank
. Two of his comrades died. Left three, the officer and soldiers rushed to a fire from enemy thermite shell tank, pulled the wounded officer, and at this moment Ivan from nearby exploding shell wounded and lost consciousness. Awoke in the dugout and was soon evacuated to the mainland.

After the hospital - again Leningrad. Captain Golushko became Assistant Chief of repair and recovery division of the Office of armored troops of the Leningrad Front. His place of work - military units of repair, industrial maintenance crews. Had to deal with casualty evacuation from the battlefield, repair them under enemy fire, often with the involvement of tank crews.

January 14, 1944, our troops took the offensive from the Primorsky springboard that south Oranienbaum. This was preceded by careful preparation of tank units, which was attended by the captain Golushko. Day and night become the continuous working day. It was necessary to arrange immediate repair of tanks and send them to where heavy fighting for the complete withdrawal of the Leningrad blockade.

. At the beginning of the final period of Leningrad Battle of repair units Golushko captain had literally on the move to form mobile repair base
. They were mobile, are in constant motion behind the advancing part of the field workshop, repaired the damage and failure as the tanks on the battlefield (which went "flying detachment") and in the distribution of repair bases. The tanks came to life again and again advanced rapidly to the west.

On the night of June 10 troops of the Leningrad front in conjunction with the sailors of the Baltic Fleet began a new offensive in the direction of Vyborg. Entered the order: redistribute evacuation vehicles for directions and as close to their combat units. In other words, it was necessary not to evacuate the wrecked tanks, and repair them where they are. Soon the preparation of a new operation from the area of Tartu is now a major Golushko receives a new appointment - Deputy Commander of the operational group of the tank front.

Later Ivan Kravchuk takes part in the operation of the Tallinn. After liberation from the Nazis in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia IM. Golushko was appointed deputy commander of a tank training regiment stationed near Leningrad. And although it was higher up the ladder, Major did not want to leave the front. But orders are orders. In the life of front-line officers began a new phase: preparing the tank for the front. In this capacity, he met a Victory
In 1946, Major Golushko - Head tank repair plant. Even a year after the disbanding of the plant to send to the Graduate School of armored officer as deputy chief of technical department, and in 1948 he became deputy commander of a tank regiment of the same school.

. From 1948 to 1951 Ivan Makarovich Golushko - Military Academy of Logistics and Transport
. After graduation (with honors) took the position of Deputy Chief of Staff of the rear of the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany. Two years later, within five years, Colonel Golushko - Head office of combat and operational training, and then - Deputy Chief of Staff, Rear USSR Ministry of Defense.

In 1958, IM. Golushko sent to the Kiev Military District, where he served as chief of staff, deputy chief of logistics District.

And then again Moscow. From 1960 to 1962 Ivan Makarovich - Military Academy of the General Staff. After completing his studies he received the appointment in the southern group of Soviet troops as chief of logistics - the deputy commander of the group, which receives a rank of Major General.

From 1965 to 1969, General IM. Golushko has served as Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces Rear Services of the USSR, . then the rank of lieutenant, . Colonel-General prior to his retirement in October 1989 headed by Rear Headquarters, . As the first deputy chief of logistics of the Armed Forces of the USSR.,
. Ivan Makarovich candidate defended his thesis, and then the doctor of military sciences, becoming a professor, academician of the Academy of Military Sciences
. He - Academician of the Academy of Transport of Russia, member of International Informatization Academy, headed by a section of Logistics and Transport of the Academy of Military Sciences.
Colonel-General IM. Golushko - by more than 200 scientific papers, . many books, . among which: "The war economy in a nuclear war", . "The rear of the Armed Forces during the Great Patriotic War", . "The theory of logistics and war economy", . "Tanks are alive again", . "Soldiers of the rear", . "Rear headquarters of the Red Army during the war years 1941 - 1945 years" and others.,
. IM
. Golushko - USSR State Prize Laureate. He was awarded the Order of October Revolution, . Red Banner, . Red Banner of Labor, . two honors World War I degree, . two honors World War II degree, . four Orders of the Red Star, . medals "For Service to Motherland in the Armed Forces of the USSR" III degree, . Friendship, . medals "For Military Merit", . "For the Defense of Leningrad", . many other Soviet and foreign awards, . including orders and medals of Cuba, . Mongolia, . Poland, . Czechoslovakia.,
. With the departure resigned in 1989 to the present time IM
. Golushko successfully completed a number of major scientific works, including research and practical introduction to the troops promising areas of Logistics of the Armed Forces in the new economic environment. Responsibility for implementing these and other works IM. Golushko awarded a diploma of the Higher School of the USSR, as well as diplomas behalf M.V. Frunze, named A. Svechin and the name of AV. Suvorov Academy of Military Science, etc.
Lives in Moscow.

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Golushko Ivan Makarovich, photo, biography
Golushko Ivan Makarovich, photo, biography Golushko Ivan Makarovich  War Veteran, photo, biography
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