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Vasily Degtyarev

( Soviet designer)

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Biography Vasily Degtyarev
photo Vasily Degtyarev
Born in Tula, a family of Tula gunsmiths. In the eleven years he started work at the Tula Arms Plant. In 1901, Mr.. was drafted into the army and sent to the weapons shop in the Officers' School of Infantry in Oranienbaum. After demobilization in 1906. He led VG. Fedorov was involved in the manufacture of automatic rifle of his system [* 2 *] from the arms firing range schools, and then Sestroretsk arms factory. Inventive activity Degtyareva began in 1916, . when it has developed an automatic rifle, . which were implemented the basic elements of design, . he has consistently adhered to in the future to create different patterns of automatic weapons.,
. In his sample Degtyarev resolutely refused widespread in those years of the automatic weapon with moving barrel
. Automation his rifle was based on the principle of removal of powder gases when fired through a gas escape hole in the trunk. The locking bolt carried out in the breeding of fighting larvae. The trigger mechanism was designed to carry both single and automatic fire. The recoil spring was located on the guide rod, located on the top receiver and its front end rested against the end face of the stem bolt. Dining cartridges produced from the shop at 5 rounds. Mass rifle was only 3.86 kg, which, of course, was for that time achievement. Characteristically, his first sample Degtyarev constructed under the 6.5-mm cartridge.
. During the Civil War Degtyarev participated in the organization of production machines Fyodorov [* 2 *], and later, together with Fedorov engaged in remaking the machine in hand and machine gun
. In 1927, Mr.. Soviet Army entered created Degtyaryov autorun JP, on the basis of which were designed aircraft guns and yes-2 and DT tank machine. At the same time, he designs an automatic rifle, which has successfully withstood a series of site trials. In 1929-1932,. Degtyarev created a few samples of the submachine guns, the best of which (PPD-34/38) [* 3 *] in 1934. was adopted by the partial armed troops, and in the future - modernized and is widely used as a model 1940. (PPD-40) [* 4 *]. In 1930. Degtyarev developed a 12.7-mm heavy machine gun DC, production of which the universal machine Kolesnikova began in 1933, improved in 1938. GS. Shpagin DShK [* 5 *] is widely used as a powerful means of antiaircraft defense. In 1930. they also established a machine gun to the site, put into service in 1939
. During the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet Army received 14.5-mm anti-tank rifle PTRD developed Degtyaryov in the first months of the war, and machine gun mod
. 1944 (RAP-44) [* 6 *] under the cartridge mod. 1943. Weapons created Degtyaryov, played a crucial role in strengthening the defensive might of the Soviet Armed Forces.
. For outstanding design activity Degtyarev was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor, . The winner of four State Prizes of the USSR, . Doctor of Technical Sciences, . awarded three Orders of Lenin, . Order of Suvorov I and II degree, . Red Banner of Labor, . Red Star, . as well as medals,
. He was conferred the rank of major general.

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Vasily Degtyarev, photo, biography
Vasily Degtyarev, photo, biography Vasily Degtyarev  Soviet designer, photo, biography
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