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Rob Estes (Estes Rob)

( Actor)

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Biography Rob Estes (Estes Rob)
photo Rob Estes (Estes Rob)
(genus. 22 July 1963)
This satellite, like Rob Estes - the blue dream of any girl. Surprisingly good as a hero and a fighter, and as a romantic lover - loving eyes, dazzling white teeth smile, a slim athletic figure, magnificent physical training. And a sense of humor, too, with him! This and protect, and prigolubit, and cheer.
And how envious of his partner on the TV series "Melrose Place, Heather Locklear, in which the heroine, Amanda Woodward, he not only turns the plot of the novel, but even marries. Rob devotees simply believe that Heather is in love with him and in life. And do not convince them that Heather chose him in the life of musicians. Her first husband was the notorious Tommy Lee and the present, Richie Sambora - guitar player for the Jon Bon Jovi. A bed scene from Heather with Rob playing a restaurant owner Kyle McBride, obtained so naturally, simply because both are good actor
Earlier, a similar story happened with television series 'Silk'. When the hero Estes, Detective Chris Lorenzo, and his naparnitsa Sergeant Rita Lee Lance (Mitzi Kepcher), initially just friends, and then dodruzhilis to mad love and marriage, many female fans series married actor and in life. Although Mitzi is then actually married, but quite another person, and even gave birth to his child, to convince fans that the baby is not Rob, it was a hopeless cause.
And still smoke without fire. With his wife, actress Josie Bisset, Rob just met on the samples in "Melrose Place" where she played the role of Jane. Their affair began with a sporting event. It is so dashingly furnish it in basketball, that Rob, who from childhood fond of sports, ate a bit and set a goal - to beat this athletic girl. In the meantime, play with, fell in love and married
In 1992, Estes has played in "Melrose Place" only a small role, and continued until 1996, to appear in "The Silk network, but just from the time they, along with Josie, and last year they finally had a son. They live in Los Angeles, do yoga, eat only fruit for breakfast - prefer papaya and mango. On its physical form Rob cares fanatically: gets up at five-thirty, makes all sorts of exercises four times a week along with coach rides through the mountains on a bicycle, and then running, and not just so, and the stairs up and down
. Once, when Rob Estes has called Robert, he lived in Norfolk, Va., where he was born July 22, 1963
. Going to be a stuntman, then was carried away by dramatic art and enrolled in the University of Southern California, to study theater. Then he began to act in films and on TV, play in the theater. But, even becoming a star, tricks in all his films and television series played himself. Even on the set of "Silk networks" Rob Estes tried his hand at directing and declared himself a strong professional. And with equal pleasure and staged chase scenes, and love an explanation.
Wife trusted him. Still, she sighed with relief when the series 'Silk' is over and her husband returned to the set "Melrose Place". Let really love playing with other actresses, but under her watchful eye. So calm

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Rob Estes (Estes Rob), photo, biography
Rob Estes (Estes Rob), photo, biography Rob Estes (Estes Rob)  Actor, photo, biography
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