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Napoleon I Bonaparte

( The Emperor of France)

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Biography Napoleon I Bonaparte
photo Napoleon I Bonaparte
August 15, 1769 - On the island of Corsica in Ajaccio, the family lawyer Carlo Buonaparte and Leticia Ramolino second son was born, named Napoleon.

1779 - Admission to study at public expense at the Military Academy at Brienne.

1784-1785 years - Studied at the Military School of Paris. After that - service in the garrisons Walesa and Oxon as a junior artillery officer.

1791 - Receiving the rank of lieutenant.

1793 - Organization of the successful siege of Toulon, in revolt against the Revolution. Getting to this siege rank of brigadier general.

February 1794 - Appointment of artillery commander of the Italian Army.

August 1794 - The arrest since the coup of 9 Thermidor connection with Robespierre and the subsequent (14 days) release. Almost the annual period of disgrace and extreme poverty.

August 1795 - Enrollment as general of artillery in the topographical department of the Committee of Public Safety.

October 4 (13 Vendemiaire) 1795 - Active participation in the defeat of the royalist uprising in Paris.

February 23, 1796 - Appointment of Chief of the Italian Army.

March 1796 - Marriage to Josephine de Beauharnais.

1798-1799 years - holding Egyptian campaign and the campaign against Syria.

9 November (18 Brumaire), 1799 - Organization of a military coup, in which Napoleon received the title "consul" and is part of the seizure of power "consular triumvirate, and then appointed" First Consul ".

June 14, 1800 - The defeat of the Austrian army at Marengo (Northern Italy).

May 18, 1804 - Proclamation of the French empire.

December 2, 1804 - the anointing ceremony of Napoleon on the Imperial throne of Pope Pius VII.

October 1805 - The defeat of the Austrian army at Ulm (Bavaria).

December 2, 1805 - Destruction of Russian-Austrian army at Austerlitz (120 km north of Vienna).

October 14, 1806 - The defeat of the Prussian army at Jena.

February 1807 - The battle between the French and Russian armies at Eylau, where the winners were.

June 1807 - French victory over the Russian army at Friedland (East Prussia).

July 8, 1807 - Conclusion of the Peace of Tilsit with Russia.

1808 - Conquest of Spain.

July 1809 - The defeat of the Austrian army at Wagram (Austria).

March 1810 - Marriage with the Austrian Archduchess Marie-Louise.

June 1812 - Beginning of war with Russia.

September 7, 1812 - The Battle of Borodino, yet to bear any of the parties a clear victory.

September 15, 1812 - Entry of Napoleon in the Kremlin.

October 19, 1812 - Beginning of the Grand Army of Napoleon's retreat from Moscow along the Kaluga road.

26-27 November 1812 - Crossing the Berezina.

December 6, 1812 - Napoleon secretly left the army.

December 18, 1812 - The arrival of Napoleon in Paris.

January-August 1813 - Conducting a successful campaign against the allied forces. Victory at Lutzen, Bautzen and Dresden.

16-19 October 1813 - The defeat at Leipzig in the "Battle of the Nations.

January-March 1814 - Victory over the allied forces at Brienne, Monmirayle, Chateau-Thierry, Montero and others.

March 30, 1814 - The defeat at Paris and the surrender of the city.

April 11, 1814 - The first abdication of Napoleon.

May 5, 1814 - Arriving at the place of exile, the island of Elba in the Mediterranean Sea.

February 1815 - The flight of Napoleon from Elba.

March 20, 1815 - Entry into Paris, the beginning of "100 days" rule.

June 18, 1815 - The defeat in the battle with the troops antinapoleonovskoy coalition at Waterloo (Belgium).

July 15, 1815 - Delivery of Napoleon captured the British at Rochefort.

October 15, 1815 - Arrival of Napoleon at St. Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean

. May 5, 1821 - The death of the former French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte on St Helena.

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Napoleon I BonaparteNapoleon I BonaparteNapoleon I BonaparteNapoleon I Bonaparte

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Napoleon I Bonaparte, photo, biography
Napoleon I Bonaparte, photo, biography Napoleon I Bonaparte  The Emperor of France, photo, biography
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