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Albert Bandura

( American psychologist, author of the theory of social learning)

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Biography Albert Bandura
photo Albert Bandura
Bandura (Bandura), Albert (genus. 1925 Mundea, Alberta, Canada - 1988) - American psychologist, author of the theory of social learning. In 1949, Mr.. graduated from the University of British Columbia (BA), then came to the U.S. (citizenship in 1956), was trained in clinical psychology at the University of Iowa (Master of Philosophy, 1951; Doctor of Philosophy, 1952). Since 1953, Mr.. worked at Stanford University as a professor of psychology, from 1973. - Professor of Social Sciences in Psychology. Here he became acquainted with the works of Miller and Dollard, a significant influence on him had Spence. Starting with the methodology of 'stimulus-response', he concluded that human behavior, this model is not entirely applicable, and proposed his model, which better explains the observed behavior.
Based on numerous studies gave a new formulation of instrumental conditioning, assigning a central place learning disabilities by monitoring the sample. This reinforcement was regarded them not as the sole determinant of learning, but only as a contributing factor. Most important determinant of human learning is to monitor patterns of behavior of other people and for the consequences of this behavior: one or another form of behavior becomes a motivating force in anticipation of the effects these actions. Such effects may include not only the reinforcement from other people, . but samopodkreplenie, . due to internal assessment of compliance of mandatory standards of conduct (standards samopodkrepleniya, . that show other people),

The speed of learning depends on the availability of psychological subject of imitation (it's - and the possibility of direct communication, and the complexity of the behavior), and the effectiveness of the verbal encoding of the observed behavior. Exhortation through monitoring is essential in situations where errors can lead to very significant, or even fatal consequences. Based on his theory of social learning have tried to give a new interpretation of aggression ( 'Agression: A Social Learning Analysis'. Englewood Cliffts, 1973).

Originally Bandura under impulsive aggression realized close to a pathological reaction to frustration, but then realized that it is not so. It turned out that the theory of aggression as the frustration of explaining the facts is worse than his theory of learning based on observation of the reward consequences of the aggression. He found that aggressive behavior develops in children who are in conditions of learning from examples of aggressive behavior of adults. In particular, found that fathers of adolescents overaggressive serve them a model of such behavior, encouraging them away from home to displays of aggression ( 'Adolescent Aggression', NY, 1959 (Joint. with Walters RH)).

Conducting research on young children, where they showed movies to the promotion of verbal aggression, found that in this case, children tend to repeat what he saw (1965). Based on these studies concluded that anger as an expression of general excitement, contributing to aggression, will only occur only when the data of situational and social conditions are taken samples of angry reactions

. Within the tradition of studying the individual contribution Bandura is primarily in the, . he asked in a pilot study with generalized traits of situationally specific behaviors ( 'Principles of Behavior Modification', . NY, . 1969).,

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Albert Bandura, photo, biography
Albert Bandura, photo, biography Albert Bandura  American psychologist, author of the theory of social learning, photo, biography
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