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Nasedkin Sergey

( Director PF 'Soyuzproektverf' Central Research Institute for the TA.)

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Biography Nasedkin Sergey
photo Nasedkin Sergey
renowned expert in the field of industrial energy, . creation of domestic power equipment, . design and construction of power facilities for shipbuilding and ship repair manufacturing, . Ph.D., . professor, . Director of PF "Soyuzproektverf CSRI TC.,
. With his direct participation and leadership built a number of unique environmental facilities at the enterprises of the country and abroad - in Egypt, . Vietnam, . Nicaragua, . India etc., . set up test beds for different purposes, . developed programs to minimize the impact of man-made industrial enterprises on the environment, . energy-saving technologies in shipbuilding enterprises, . where exercised supervision over the construction,
. Participated in research on the improvement and creation of modern nuclear power plants, . Energy Efficient Equipment, . design and develop advanced technology use patterns of alternative energy sources (solar heating systems and geothermal power),
. Has more than 130 scientific papers, 47 authors' certificates (in t.ch. 14 to improve the hydrodynamic flow paths nuclear reactors). Successfully combines industrial activity with the teacher (science teaching experience 22 years). He is Chairman of the State Boards of Examiners in specialties "Industrial Heat Power Engineering and Thermal Power Station in the City Colleges, a member of the editorial board of scientific and technical journal" The shipbuilding industry. Industrial power, environmental protection and energy supply vessels.
. Under the guidance and direct participation of SP Nasedkina developed departmental teaching materials for designing power projects, . Objects Conservation, . rationing of energy consumption, . developed a standard "Evaluation of the impact on the environment ..." - RD 5R.GKLI 3803-03-98, . approved by the Ministry of Economy in coordination with the Ministry of Natural Resources Russia.,
. Major jobs Nasedkina S.P
. recent years - the development of energy services for complex objects shipbuilding enterprises and minimize their impact on man-made environment with the creation of structures on environmental protection:
. - Shipbreaking facilities for the disposal of nuclear submarines plant "Zvezda" (r
. Big Stone), "The Star" (Mr.. Severodvinsk), dockyard "seal" (r. Murmansk), working draft, 1992-1993;
. - Dry dock in the complex heavy-shipbuilding plant "Little Star" with the development of a unique pumping station, 1993.;
. - Complex structures for construction and display of marine ice-resistant stationary platform for gas production in the Arctic offshore to Sevmashpredpriyatie (r
. Severodvinsk), draft, 1996;
- Geothermal Power Plant (Nicaragua) with a capacity 115 MW, working draft, 1993-1995;
RAO "High-speed Railway" - the reconstruction of a production building at the plant Transmash (r. Tikhvin) with the development of energy-efficient infrared heating system and autonomous systems of heating supply air, 1996-1997;
. - Complex power projects on environmental protection and facilities shipyard X.51 (Vietnam), a working draft, 1996.;
. - Technical proposals for the establishment on the basis of "Northern Shipyard in St. Petersburg universal" Kompaktverfi "with the development of unique energy-saving technologies and the creation of a demonstration zone of high energy efficiency, 1997.;
. - Infrastructure unloading spent fuel assemblies from the reactors SSBN factories "Little Star" and "Star" with the assessment of environmental impact, feasibility studies, 1998-1999;
. - Reconstruction and expansion of the bench of the complex at the site "Morniiteplotehnika" in g
. Lomonosov, working draft, 1998-1999.
. Sergei Petrovich in the life of friendly and gracious to people, sociable, slightly ironic, with a sense of humor.
. He loves painting and music, he plays the piano well, kind to the old Russian romances.
. Distinguish between good attitude not only to the people around him, but also to the "lesser" our brothers: hold the Moscow watchdog, being in different cities, visiting the local zoo.
. Very well-read, seriously concerned about environmental issues in your favorite cities - St. Petersburg.

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Nasedkin Sergey, photo, biography
Nasedkin Sergey, photo, biography Nasedkin Sergey  Director PF 'Soyuzproektverf' Central Research Institute for the TA., photo, biography
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